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  • 5 Best Panasonic Washing Machines In India February 2023
    In 2022, the washing machine market is highly saturated and there are a whole lot of options for you to choose from. Probably too many, but if you are looking for reliable options, Panasonic washing machines are definitely worth your money. From an ultra-efficient wash to a super-attractive price tag, these washing machines hit the…
    31st Aug 2022
  • Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Quick Review
    Let's take a look at the Redmi Note 10 Pro MAX review in a quick go-through:
    8th May 2021
  • Vivo X60 Pro Plus Quick Review
    Read out this to know if a smartphone can replace the DSLR camera. Vivo X60 Pro Plus quick review. 
    8th May 2021
  • OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G Quick Review
    Recently OPPO launched its latest smartphone, OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G. Speaking of the name first, Oppo could have used some other short and crisp name and yes there is  5G also. Here is a quick review of the all-new OPPO F19 Pro+ 5G in just 2 minutes. Design As for the design, there has been…
    10th Mar 2021
  • OnePlus 8T Quick Review
    Here is a quick review of the OnePlus flagship killer device OnePlus 8T summed up in just 2 minutes.
    16th Dec 2020

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  • 10 Best Bike Games For Android & iOS 2023
    Gaming on mobile devices has recently been accessible to almost anybody, and with it has come to a plethora of fascinating genres. Most smartphones come with powerful processors which can handle these games. There’s something for everyone, and now we’ll discuss bike games for smartphones. If you have a low-budget smartphone, most of these games…
    3rd Feb 2023
  • How To Use Android TV? A Guide For Dummies!
    Time has certainly changed everything in the way we set up and use a TV. Before a few years, setting up the TV was quite a simple affair. All you need to do is plug in a handful of cables and, after that, log in with the relevant id and password. However, if you don’t…
    3rd Feb 2023
  • How To Create A Website? A Step-By-Step Guide
    If you want to establish a business or a passion project, you will need a website if you do it online. The online market share of most business types has seen unprecedented growth over the last decade. Making a website used to be a difficult task during the early 2000s. Creating a website from scratch…
    3rd Feb 2023
  • 50+ Best Mirror Selfie Captions That Are Too Cool To Miss
    When it comes to mirror selfie captions, finding the right words to match your post can be a tedious task. Mirror selfies have been in trend for a long now. And people have already found ways and poses to add more creativity to this trend. It is also a way to show your style statement,…
    3rd Feb 2023
  • How To Change WiFi Password? A Step-By-Step Guide
    How to change WiFi password? Well, that’s one question that must have crossed your mind if you are having a router at home. Also, it is impossible to imagine a life without the internet or WiFi today. A WiFi network allows you to remain connected to the world without the need for bulky ethernet cables.…
    3rd Feb 2023
  • How To Recharge FASTag Easily Online? Explained In Detail
    FASTag, or electronic toll collection, became official on all national roads and most state highways from January 1st, 2021. These are accessible via a number of issuing banks, Amazon, NHAI points of sale and regional offices, and even some major petrol stations. Many banks issue FASTag accounts for your four-wheeler vehicles and commercial vehicles. But…
    2nd Feb 2023
  • How To Create A Google Form? Step By Step Guide
    A convenient survey or quiz, which you can quickly create using Google Forms, might benefit any business or project. All you have to do is pick what the digital document will be about and then put it together in a few stages. Using a tool like Google Forms to construct an online survey is one…
    2nd Feb 2023
  • Telegram Login On App And Web: Easy Steps! February 2023
    Telegram, as an instant social messaging service, provides one of the accessible service to people who want to connect with others globally. The Telegram login is possible using mobile application as well as through web. Depending on your convenience and suitability, you can choose to work on both or either. One of the biggest advantage…
    2nd Feb 2023
  • How To Delete A Page In Microsoft Word
    Microsoft(MS) Word is the best platform for creating and editing word documents. Most people use it daily for professional use and to send important written documents to everyone. But blank or unwanted pages in any document file might give editors or your bosses an unprofessional image. Microsoft Word is notorious to insert blank pages into documents, so…
    2nd Feb 2023
  • How To Recover A Disabled Facebook Account
    A Facebook account can be deleted or deactivated just as quickly as it was established. Users can mistakenly disable their own accounts under the Security area of their account settings. The Meta organisation may also disable accounts, either because the user broke the terms of service or because someone reported the account as infiltrated by…
    2nd Feb 2023