2023-02-21 15:51:04Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Review – Still Worthy In 2022?

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Review – Still Worthy In 2022?

Updated: 21st Feb 2023, 15:51 IST
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Review Summary

Undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus was one of the best TWS earbuds of its time. But can the same be said in 2022? Well, that’s actually what I am going to answer in this Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus review. We know that Samsung established a strong name in the audio market with its Samsung Galaxy Buds series.

Coming to the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, they are definitely better than their predecessor with larger battery life, enhanced sound and compatibility with both Android and iOS devices. But when compared to other latest TWS, the earbuds might fall short in some aspects. Let’s find out in detail in this Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus review.

  • Powerful Bass
  • Great Battery Life
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • No ANC
Key Specs
Battery Capacity
Battery Capacity85 mAh
  • 85 mAh

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Price In India & Variants

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is available at a price of Rs. 9,999 in India. You can buy these TWS earbuds in three different colours, including Black, White and Blue.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus can be purchased online through the official website of Samsung, Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, etc.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Box Contents

Check here what all you can find in the box of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus:

  • Earbuds
  • Carrying Case
  • User Manual
  • Warranty Card
  • Additional Eartips

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Specs At A Glance

Before diving deeper into the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus review, let me walk you through the specs in brief first:

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth V5.0
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS
  • Battery: Up to 22 hours of playback time
  • Weight: 44 grams

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Design And Comfort

I used the black colour model for my Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus review. In terms of design, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is similar to its predecessor with just nifty changes. The case features a rectangular shape with rounded edges. Weighing just 39.6 grams, the charging case is extremely light and can easily fit into your pocket.

samsung galaxy buds plus review

At the back of the charging case, you can find a USB Type-C charging port. The charging case has a very smooth finish, giving it a premium look. Also, the case is compact in size and can be opened with just one hand.

Coming to the earbuds, they are placed inside the case with a decent magnet that keeps the buds in place. The buds have a regular round shape with silicone eartips and an in-ear design. The outside of the buds has a capacitive touch button that you can use to give actions like changing track, adjusting volume and more. There is one microphone and a LED light on each of the buds.

The earbuds fill most of the ear canal but protrude slightly out of the ears because of the design. So, if, like me, you wear earbuds when lying in bed, it can cause a bit of discomfort as unnecessary pressure will be built on the buds, causing discomfort in the ears.

However, when walking, running or doing exercises, the buds do not fall down and that I would say is a plus point. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus come with just an IPX2 rating, which means they work fine in case of sweat but are not ideal enough when you are in light rain or in the pool or beach.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Audio Quality

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus uses a Dual-driver system which results in impressive sound quality. The Woofer and Tweeter present in the earbud can further increase the overall clarity of the sound. I used the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus to listen to almost all genres of audio, and here’s my conclusion- the sound quality is simply amazing.

samsung galaxy buds plus review

The powerful bass and rich, warm sound will leave you wanting more. The earbuds can catch the highs, lows and mids and deliver in the best way. However, I felt the mids are much clear when compared to the other two.

Talking about the call quality, the internal microphones work simply the best. For the past few days, I have been using this TWS earbud to take calls, and I did not find any issues. The biggest flaw of the earbuds is that they don’t come with Active Noise cancellation.

So, in case you are wearing the buds in a crowded space like traffic or in your office, be ready to hear the outside noise too when listening to songs or watching movies.

This, however, can be the deciding factor only when you are looking for total isolation when using the buds. In that case, you can have Oppo Enco W51 or the JBL C100TWS. But if you don’t mind a bit of outside noise, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus can be a great choice.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Battery Life & Charging

The playback time offered by the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is a stunner, especially for the price you are paying. When compared to the Original Galaxy Buds, these TWS earbuds boast a way longer battery life. The company claims to be offering 11 hours of charge with the earbuds and additional 11 hours of charge with the charging case.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus battery

This means you get a total of 22 hours of playback time with the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. The 11 hours of playback time is good enough for the earbuds, but it does feel a bit less for the charging case. Especially when other earbuds like Apple AirPods are offering 20 hours of charge with the case.

In my one week of testing, I had to charge the earbuds and the case only once, which is pretty good. However, I would like to point out that I used the buds at medium volume for around four hours daily. In case you like to use the buds at higher volume, you will have to charge the buds and the case a few more times.

It will take you around 1.5 hours to charge the case fully. Additionally, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus supports fast charging too. So, you can get 1 hour of charge in just 3-4 minutes of charge. Also, the case can offer one additional full charge to the buds.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus Features And Connectivity

Lastly, in my Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus review, I will talk about the connectivity options and other features. First thing first, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus comes with Bluetooth Version 5.0, which results in a faster and more stable connection.

Setting up the earbuds is quite easy, and you can do it either by Bluetooth pairing or via the dedicated app Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus app. This app is available for both iOS and Android users. Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus offers multi-pairing features. This means you can connect the buds to several devices without having the need re-pair them every time you use them.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus features

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus comes with touch control. So, you can tap the outside of the buds once, twice or thrice and let them perform the action. Similarly, if you long press either of the buds, it will activate the voice assistant, adjust the volume or turn on ambient sound amplification.

You can further adjust the controls and modify the sound using the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus app. The touch control might appear a bit discomforting in the beginning, but you will learn to control it easily without exerting any pressure on your ears.

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And that’s all from my end in the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus review. The TWS earbud has decent sound, improved battery life and a sturdy build, which is why these earbuds were one of the best of their times. However, today, we already have a lot of recently launched earbuds like Nothing Ear Stick, Sony WF-LS900N, and more that offer better sound quality and features than the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. So overall, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus might be a good pair of earbuds but not the best in 2022!!

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