Valentine Day And Evolving Era Of Love On The Internet

- Updated: 15th Feb 2023, 20:11 IST
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    How has the Internet changed the definition of modern love?
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    What People Think…
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    Stats Around Valentine Day And The Evolving Era Of Internet Love
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    Summing Up: Valentine day and evolving era of Internet love

February 14 marks the day of love around the globe. More popularly it is also known as Valentine’s Day. However, this year’s Valentine’s day is really special for Vedika and Aakash, as they tie the knot to make this day even more special. Valentine day and the evolving era of Internet love get real for them this season.

We met through the online dating site Bumble and could not imagine that we have come so far within two years since we started dating“, says Aakash. Vedika is ecstatic as she feels that she could not have met someone with whom her entire life felt like a moment.

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Seeing such examples of online dating turning into matrimonial alliances may come as a shocker for the older generation. But the trend totally supports the way of finding a perfect match. Before Valentine day 2023 kicks in, let’s understand the evolving era of internet love and celebrate how far we have come in this global game.

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How has the Internet changed the definition of modern love?

online dating and matchmaking

To understand how we have evolved, we need to trace back to the point where we all started. In the traditional Indian setup, potential partners were expected to meet only for the talks for the wedding and ultimately it was the decision of the parents about who are they going to marry. Later on, the process changed and the people met each other at some social event, started dating, and if all went well, took the entire process to marriage.

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Lately, with better living conditions, good knowledge, and awareness about everything around them, people want a partner who matches their capabilities.

Ultimately they want a say in the final decision. Besides, most people in urban setups want to beat their loneliness by trying to find a date on multiple online sites (if not physically). Hence, they try to skip the traditional thought process. Thereby, people often go digital to find their prospective dates or partners. In other words, we can say how evolving era of Internet love is out to change our thought process this Valentine day.

As per Pew Research, there are 42 per cent of people looking for marriage via dating sites. However, only 13 per cent of them actually get married.

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What People Think…

people's opinion valentine day and evolving era of internet love

In this section, we have specifically questioned people from three different age groups about their experiences. Besides, they speak about their thoughts on online dating and matchmaking. Let us know their opinion on evolving era of Internet love this Valentine day.

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Questionnaire on the evolving era of Internet love this Valentine dayAashi AditiSuraj KumarAnand Chaturvedi
Have you ever tried having a hand in online matchmaking or dating apps?NoNoYes
If yes, how has your experience been?I was not too much comfortable with the process
If not, do you know someone who has had an experience with this process?I have known people who have previously tried using online dating and matchmaking. Most of them used the process just for time-pass. Yes I know many friends who have used such apps and their experience was neutral
Do you think the online way of choosing a partner is better than searching for partners around you? Could you provide a reason for the same?Depends on the mentality of the people you have started dating. However, I think only time can tell if the person you meet is trustworthy. Therefore, one must not rush into things!I think searching for a partner online is not better than offline ways. Reason: people opt for online search when they are either lonely in cities or have societal pressure of not having a partner. Additionally, they want to have fun. I have not seen a single case in my knowledge where a partner search on an online platform goes long or changes to marriage later.Choosing a partner from someone you know might be far better than going for an online search. This may be due to more transparency during the search process and an understanding of the comfort zone personally with them.
Do you think people are prone to go with multiple lies and pass judgement when they go for online dating and matchmaking?One meeting cannot be enough to judge a person(whether you meet them in person or online). However, you cannot ignore that people often cheat by providing fake information on such sites. But that is equally probable in real life.Yes, people do lie and are not comfortable sharing about online dating as they might be judged by people around them.Yes, there are chances of duping and lies in online dating and matchmaking.
Is India ready for the transition towards digital matchmaking and dating yet? What is your take on it?India is still not ready for the transition as people think that it is the option of last resort.

People often confuse dating apps with one single acquaintance and do not generally take it to make life decisions.

Even today, there is more emphasis on matchmaking through the traditional process only.
Urban India is already ready and people are using online partner search apps,
Especially the youth from the age group of 18-26 years use them.
Slowly it will reach tier 2 cities of India as well. However, I don’t think it might happen anytime soon.
It will take time, as Indians still consider future stability, culture and traditional values during matchmaking.

India is developing very fast and people’s dependency on the web is increasing day by day but somewhere we are not very comfortable with online matchmaking.

The scenario might change after five to ten years as people are opening up with strangers nowadays on the internet.
Know our interviewees on Valentine day and evolving era of Internet love: Aashi is a 24-year girl working as a Technical Engineer in one of the top IT firms.
Suraj Kumar is a 33-year-old individual from Noida who works as Product Manager.
Anand Chaturvedi is a 49-year-old professional working as state head in the banking and finance sector.

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Stats Around Valentine Day And The Evolving Era Of Internet Love


Would it convince you even better if we present some interesting facts and figures regarding the scenario of online dating and matchmaking to find the perfect partner? If yes, then this section is going to take your breath away. Let’s find out how the evolving era of Internet love plays a role this Valentine day.

  • According to the data projected by Cloudware, 42 per cent of the users look for marriage and 13 per cent get married through the platforms.
  • Around 55 per cent of LGBTQ+ adults prefer using an online dating site for finding a great match (Pew Research)
  • Similar research suggested that women are more interested in the profile and take it even more seriously as compared to men.

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Summing Up: Valentine day and evolving era of Internet love

valentine day and evolving era of love

Major dating application apps like Tinder that were launched in 2012 have already lived a decade in existence. However, the popularity of similar applications is not fading anytime soon. There is greater urbanization, societal structure, and openness of one thought. Hence, there is a greater urge to find a partner of one’s own choice. No one likes to be imposed on their life decision.

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Online dating and matchmaking are turning out to be life changers in modern society. After all, one can think of finding lasting love or frequent dates for themselves. Be it for countering loneliness, or beating against the bush to find someone who matches their choice and lifestyle, such an online application has it all.

It would not be wrong to say that the upcoming Valentine day and evolving era of Internet love is not going to end anytime soon in the future.

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Highlights of the Story

  • There are more than 8000 online dating sites around the globe and 1000+ matrimonial websites and apps in India alone
  • The earlier era of dating a person and matching potential wedding partners physically has now evolved in the era of Internet love.
  • As Valentine’s day strikes us around the corner, let’s understand how the scenarios of choosing your date have evolved, how people perceive the process of online dating and matchmaking, and more.