Samsung Galaxy W20 5G: First Look

- Updated: 22nd May 2020, 10:41 IST

Samsung is well known as a premier brand in the mobile industry. This time it forayed into the world of foldable phones and created a masterpiece that is well received and loved by the current users. The Galaxy Fold was the predecessor of the W20 5G, and it has many similarities to the previously launched model. Still, it has some very unique additional features as well, which make this phone genuinely amazing. Leaks about the smartphone have informed the tech world that this phone might be designed to be 5G capable, and this is a huge step up from the last model. Combined with the fluid technology that is responsible for folding smartphones, this phone may become a massive hit with the new users and millennials all over the world after the launch.

The W20 5G model was initially believed to be a vertically folding model. The tech world was buzzing with this idea ever since Samsung unveiled its vertical flip phones in their developer conference this year. With this idea, the world was waiting for a vertically folding smartphone that would have been sensational. Still, new posters unveiling the design of the new W20 model have revealed a plan which is quite similar to the design of the galaxy fold mobile.

There is a substantial basis for disappointment in the tech world since it is quite apparent now that Samsung will not be unveiling a vertically folding phone. The world is still delighted to see the new specs and designs of the soon to be launched model, but the expectation of a vertical flip phone was inherently high during the time of the unveiling of the phone. Now, it is highly likely that we’ll have to wait for Samsung’s vertically folding phone as W20 5G could be a Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G. A leak from a source has revealed that the phone that is soon to be launched by Samsung may come with a 4.6-inch display that supports around 720 x 1680 pixels, which doubles up into a big 7.3-inch show as soon as it is unfolded and used. The flexibility and the efficiency of the design, as well as the model, is quickly gaining favour and popularity within the tech world. With more special additions and features to be added into the phone as it nears the date of its launch, fans and Samsung lovers are eagerly waiting for more releases and leaks.

The Samsung W20 5G is said to be powered by an octa-core processor that works at 2.956 GHz, which could be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ chipset. The foldable phone may be equipped with a whopping 12GB RAM and 512GB of internal storage, which is exceptional when compared to the specs of major smartphones from other brands. These specs are quickly gaining favour because having a reliable processor, RAM and internal storage is the holy trifecta of any techie or gamer who uses a smartphone.

Samsung always has excellent optics and even in this model; there is a camera setup, which is as follows: 12MP + 12MP + 16MP triple camera setup on the back panel, a 10MP + 8MP dual-camera system flanked above the inner screen and a 10MP selfie shooter on the cover display. The Samsung W20 5G could pack a 4135mAh battery, which supports a long period of usage by any average user. Along with this, phone is also supposed to come equipped with a fast-charging option of 15W that is a fantastic additional feature. Another leak to the tech world is that the phone may come equipped with a side-mounted fingerprint reader, which is different from the other smartphones available in the market today.


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