6 Steps To Move From Android To iPhone: How To Guide

- Updated: 9th Dec 2022, 10:53 IST
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    Transfer Files 
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    Moving Contacts
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    No Lag or Delay in operations in iPhone
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    Home Screen Customizations
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    Apps Availability
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    No Back or recent Button in iPhone

Who doesn’t want Apple iPhone? It is Tesla of all smartphones known for its premium-ness, and everyone has a secret desire to own one.

If you are planning to make room for iPhone, then you should go for it as it has so many benefits like Apple Security, Apple’s best in class iCare centre and most important is its super-fluent, lag-free iOS. The ones who shifted from Android to iOS, never changed their mind to go back to Android, and its the best decision of their life.

Switching to iPhone is not an issue; you can get everything on your iPhone, which you were using in your Android except paid applications. Yes, the only major drawback of switching from Android to iPhone is that you have to buy all apps from Apple Store again that you were using on your Android as you can transfer everything but applications.  

Here we are going to guide you on how you can switch from iPhone to Android effortlessly. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

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Transfer Files 

There are so many third-party applications on the Google Play store and apple store to transfer your data wirelessly like Move to iOS and Move to Android. You need to download Move to the iOS app from the play store on your Android device and move to the android app from Apple Store on your iPhone. Follow all the steps and boom, all your data transferred. But the drawback of this app is that it can support only a few types of files.

If you don’t want to rely on third-party applications and want to transfer everything on your own, just plug your android device to your PC and copy everything to it.

Later, connect your iPhone and open iTunes on your PC, then select the folder you want to move to your iPhone and hit Sync.

Note: While transferring your photos, be sure that you backed up your photos that are available on the device because it will remove all of your current pictures.

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Moving Contacts

Trust us, transferring Google contacts to iCloud is like a spoon feeding to a kid or, in this case, to your iPhone. You need to have Google Account on your android device and iCloud account on your iPhone.

– Go to Settings on your android phone and turn Contacts sync on in the accounts section.

– Now, take your laptop and log in with the same Gmail account, which you are using in your Android Smartphone.

– Go to contacts, select all and download all contacts in CSV format.

– Now, go to search iCloud on the browser on your PC.

– Log in with the same iCloud account, which you logged in on your iPhone and select contacts.

– There you will find an option to upload a contact in CSV file

-Select that downloaded CSV file and hit done

Take your iPhone and in Settings, turn on the contacts sync button

– You are all set, and now you can see all of your Google contacts on your iPhone.

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No Lag or Delay in operations in iPhone

As we discussed earlier that All iPhone Apps are highly optimized for iOS only which makes it super smooth to use and you’ll notice Zero Lag even if you use it slowly especially in for games lover, there will be zero frame drops or any graphics irregularity also if you play for long hours non-stop.

Home Screen Customizations

When you turn on your Apple iPhone, the first thing you’ll notice is there is no App drawer. The iPhone Home Screen is like an Android App drawer, and you can scroll left and right to switch from one home page to another.

Apps Availability

On the Apple Store, you’ll find all popular apps and games like Spotify, Tweeter, LinkedIn, Asphalt 9, Modern Warfare, etc. that you had on Google Play Store. So, you don’t have to worry about the app’s availability at all. There were some things that you can still access your iPhone like Google Book Library. Just download the app, and you’ll see your collections right there.

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No Back or recent Button in iPhone

The first thing you’ll notice if you are buying iPhone 8 or older model is that there is only one button that works as a biometric scanner, Home Button, and by pressing twice, it will show your recent applications. If you want to go back to the previous screen, then there is a back button on the top-left corner or press the Home button once to jump directly on Home Screen. In iPhone X and later, they removed the home button too, and you can access everything with a touch gesture. It’s not a big issue; you’ll get used to it as time flies away.

Switching from Android to iPhone is not a blunder. Yes, it will take some time to get used to it, and if you play smartly, then you can access everything on your iPhone that you used to on your Android. We hope these tips and tricks will help you.

“Change can be good or bad, but if you never go with change, you’ll never know.”


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