If we talk about the best budget value for money smartphones available in the market, then without any doubt Xiaomi devices will be topping the list. Xiaomi devices are known for their excellent features at an affordable price. Everyone using Xiaomi devices is well aware of “MIUI” and the number of ads popping up from every corner. One of the biggest complaints from people using Xiaomi devices is annoying ads in every possible place. The reason Xiaomi puts in these annoying ads in all their devices is that this helps generate some extra revenue.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi does not provide any standardized method for getting rid of these ads even after the user has paid for the smartphone. We have some of the steps for our readers to get rid of these annoying ads in Xiaomi devices and enjoy the ad-free experience of using this smartphone. So, without any delay let’s move towards these steps for removing ads in MIUI devices.

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Disabling Ads by Revoking Authorisation

How To Disable Those Annoying Ads On Xiaomi Devices
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The first method to disable ads is to toggle an app or a service that is solely responsible for delivering ads in MIUI and this service is called the MSA app or ‘MIUI System Ads’ and toggling/disabling this app plays a vital role in removing ads. You will not find this app on the Home screen. For disabling ads by revoking authorization follow the simple steps below:

  • First, Go to “Settings”.
  • Tab on the “Additional Settings”.
  • Click on “Authorization and Revocation” and choose “MSA” option from the menu.
  • Click on the toggle and wait for ten seconds, then press revoke.

Keep on trying this until you become successful in doing so. The number of ads displayed will eventually decrease to a very less number after revoking authorization. 

Disabling Ad Services in Xiaomi Devices

Another very effective and final method to remove the ads on your Xiaomi device is to disable ad services. Follow the simple steps given below:

  • Go to Settings and tap Passwords & Security
  • Select Authorization & Revocation
  • Click on Privacy and choose Ad Services
  • Disable Personalize ad Recommendations

Following these steps will allow you to remove ad services easily. A screenshot is attached for a better understanding of these steps.

How To Disable Those Annoying Ads On Xiaomi Devices
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App-Specific Methods to Disable Ads

Following are some of the in-app settings that need to be toggled to disable app-specific ads.

Disabling Ads from Browser

MIUI comes pre-installed with Xiaomi’s version of an Internet browser and Ads in the Browser app can be very annoying. To remove ads from the browser app simply follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, open the Browser app and go to Settings.
  • Now click on the Privacy and Security
  • In Privacy and Security, you will find Personalized Services, simply uncheck and turn off these services.

By following these steps, ads for the browser app will stop popping up. Have a look at the screenshot below for a better understanding.

How To Disable Those Annoying Ads On Xiaomi Devices
Image Source – https://fossbytes.com/

Disabling Ads from The Music App

The stock Music App in MIUI has a variety of features that allows you to edit song meta information, sort songs according to the name and numbers and many more. With all these fantastic features, the ads are also displayed whenever a user opens this app. To remove these ads, follow the simple steps given below:

  • First of all, open the Music App and go to Settings
  • Now in Settings, go to Advanced Settings and tap on receive recommendations to uncheck this option.

Following the above steps will help you remove ads from the Music App and enjoy its features too without any interruption.

How To Disable Those Annoying Ads On Xiaomi Devices
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Removing Ads from Security App

Security App on MIUI offers a lot many features that allow users to clean up storage and also secures your apps. It also includes other features like App lock, security scan, speed boost, etc. And the only annoying thing about this app is the ads. But fortunately, we have found a workaround to disable these ads, and to disable ads follow these simple steps given below.

  • Go to Security
  • Tab on Settings
  • Tap on the Receive Recommendations to turn it off.

By following these steps, ads will stop showing up in Security App. The screenshot below will make it clear on how to remove the ads.

How To Disable Those Annoying Ads On Xiaomi Devices
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Disabling Ads from Themes App

Themes App helps the user to change his/her theme, customize their fonts and wallpapers and much more. Almost everyone who uses Xiaomi devices must have used this app. The app is essential for customizing your Xiaomi device, but at the same time, it consists of many ads which make the user experience terrible. Follow the simple steps below to remove ads from the themes app.

  • Open Themes
  • Click on My Page
  • Click Settings
  • Turn off Recommendations
How To Disable Those Annoying Ads On Xiaomi Devices
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Disabling Ads from MI File Manager

The file manager is an essential app for every phone. Similarly, in Xiaomi, it handles a lot of functions, including sharing files offline with other people and managing them efficiently. File Manager has an in-built feature, and it allows to Unzip any ZIP files without having to install any additional software. The ads in File Manager are very annoying. To remove ads follow the steps given below:

  • Open MI File Manager
  • Tab on Settings
  • In Settings, go to About section and turn off Recommendations 
  • Restart the App.

By following the simple steps shown above, you won’t see any annoying ads. A screenshot is attached for understanding the steps clearly.

How To Disable Those Annoying Ads On Xiaomi Devices
Image Source – https://fossbytes.com/

So these were the tricks mentioned above/guide to turn off ads on any MIUI device, and in case you no longer love the MIUI and need to upgrade your smartphone you can click here to sell your old mobile phone for the best price!

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