Nubia’s New 5G/144Hz Phone Right On The Horizon

- Updated: 27th May 2020, 05:34 IST

Nubia’s Red Magic 3s’ successor has been going around the news for the last few days, and today its Chinese 3C certification surfaced. This means that the phone is close to launch.

According to the document, the model designation NX659J has passed all the required tests suggesting Nubia is on the brink of market release. The listing confirms that the phone will support 5G connectivity. It’s not too shocking because the handset will likely be built on the Snapdragon 865 chipset, which is Qualcomm’s latest.

Additionally, the document also reveals that the upcoming Red Magic phone will be charged by a 55W charger. It would most likely be included inside the box.

Nubia New 5G Phone
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The Nubia team is working hard on its new device, the CEO revealed on Weibo (Chinese Twitter). He shared a screenshot, revealing that Nubia’s next phone will support 144Hz max refresh rate. This is along with other options like 90 Hz and 120 Hz.

The CEO called the device “Red Magic 5G phone”, something that isn’t a surprise since all manufacturers are jumping on the hype train.

Earlier this month, Ni Fei, CEO of Nubia, revealed the new flagship will have three cameras on the rear.

There could also be a Nubia Red Magic phone with a version of Qualcomm’s latest chipset but with a particular modem to keep costs low for markets that aren’t 5G-ready.

The phone will most probably be released in India within a few months of the Chinese release.

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