10 Best Car Parking Games For Android & iOS 2024

- Updated: 28th Dec 2023, 17:26 IST
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    10 Best Car Parking Games For Android and iOS To Kill Spare Time
    • 1. Dr Parking 4
    • 2. Real Car Parking
    • 3. Backyard Parking
    • 4. Parking Mania
    • 5. Drive and Park
    • 6. Car Driving & Parking Game
    • 7. Cargo Truck Parking
    • 8. Speed Parking
    • 9. Crazy Taxi Classic
    • 10. Roundabout 2
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Do you want to play the most excellent and addicting parking games on your Android or iPhone, but are you still unsure about which game to play? Don’t worry! You don’t have to test every app; all you have to do is stick around until the conclusion of this post to discover your matching game since we will be presenting a list of the best car parking games together with vital information to help you choose the best for yourself.

You can play the best car parking games to pass your time and improve your parking skills. You’ll have a lot of fun with these parking games that provide a variety of driving experiences. Parking games allow you to put your skills to the test and grow. So let us take a look at some of the best car parking games you can play on both Android and iOS devices.

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10 Best Car Parking Games For Android and iOS To Kill Spare Time

Based on user reviews and ratings, we’ve categorised the best 10 car parking games for Android and iOS. All of the games on the list are free to play. However, some may need in-app purchases and hence may contain advertisements. Most of these games also need a steady internet connection to function. Nonetheless, you will love all these games and find them worthwhile. So, let us start with the entire list.

1. Dr Parking 4

Dr Parking 4

Dr Driving 4 is one of the greatest games for those seeking parking games for your Android or iPhone device. Because of its stunning visuals, unique multi-level difficulties, and real-time online multiplayer, it is one of the finest parking games. It has whole-finger touch control, making it more difficult than other games. Your game session could be easily over with an accident.

Another automobile would finish the game; it allows the player to play more correctly, handle traffic management and park in the appropriate location to accomplish the task. You can earn game coins and buy more excellent vehicles if you carefully complete your driving. These in-game rewards make this game more appealing and worth your time. The app is completely free to download.

Download: Android | iOS

2. Real Car Parking

Real Car parking

Real Car Parking is a fantastic parking game highly recommended if you want to experience 3D parking. It’s simple to download and free to use. It also boasts high-quality visuals, adding to the game’s realism. It also provides real-world experience and assists you in parking in real life.

A large selection of stunning cars and various scenarios add to your game’s excitement. It also has a multiplayer feature that allows you to communicate with friends through chat. There are 75 stages, each with a unique atmosphere that will keep you entertained while playing. The different camera angle provided in the game also gives an intuitive feeling.

Download: Android | iOS

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3. Backyard Parking

Backyard parking

Backyard Parking labels itself as one of Android’s most realistic parking games. There are several objectives in this virtual environment to test your skill and talent. You can also pick detailed vehicles to choose from, and the possibility to modify them. There is also an internal objective to truly put your parking abilities to the test with the beat-the-author record mission. This is another high-quality game with excellent visuals and has a physically simulated world. The driving simulations are close to the natural steering wheel physics, giving you a unique driving experience.

Download: Android

4. Parking Mania

Parking mania

Parking Mania is another popular parking game that features a variety of entertaining tasks. It is one of the most downloaded and reviewed games on the Google Play Store and is also available on the App Store. The game includes multiple floors with automobile parking in cities and on roads. It features three fundamental control systems: tilting or moving your device, a virtual driving wheel, and tapping with your fingers.

The game has around 80 vehicles, which include taxis, sports cars, an ambulance, and more. There are two periods, day and night, and a number of hilarious music effects that you can’t stop listening to. With each building level, you will need help to park your car at different ends. However, you can enjoy loads of free car parking challenges and exciting game modes. The app is entirely free to use.

Download: Android | iOS

5. Drive and Park

Drive park

Drive and Park is a video game in which the main goal is to park automobiles perfectly on a straight road with lots of vehicles. The perspective is from above, and you have full touch controls available on the screen. You do not have to collide with other vehicles if you do not want to be penalised in the various parking lots. Throughout the trip, you must gather several cars, many of them will seem recognisable to you because they are from well-known companies.

You can then park the car, earn money, and invest in the automobiles you want, of which there are hundreds available. There is another interesting take from this game. It includes a lookout mode as well, wherein the police will be always looking to catch you if your vehicle collides with other vehicles. Hence you must also look for the speeds and movements of all vehicles. The app is completely free to use but contains some in-app purchases.

Download: Android | iOS

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6. Car Driving & Parking Game

Driving and parking

Car Driving and Parking School is another well-known parking game, which has been there in the app store for years. If you are looking for a game that would provide a realistic experience of driving a four-wheeler, then you should opt for it. You only need to follow the regulations of the road to be eligible for a driver’s licence, in this game. Learn about parking locations such as how to park between two vehicles, reverse parking, garage parking, and much more.

There are 100 automobiles to drive in all, 7 fascinating chapters, and 220 levels to play. You may also take in the sights of two major cities throughout the day and at night. It also includes some tricky driving modes such as reverse steering mode, loop driving and other normal rules to follow the traffic. The app is completely free to use.

Download: Android | iOS

7. Cargo Truck Parking

Cargo truck parking

In this innovative and realistic automobile simulation game, you can become a pro truck driver, making deliveries and honing your parking abilities. You will learn to park numerous trucks on a short timer and become a genuine cargo driving expert. You can also put your abilities to the test and learn how to park using a manual gear shift.

Drive carefully and avoid collisions. You will be driving a large delivery van, and you will have to take care when turning. Parking such big cargo vehicles may seem complicated, but if you take your time, you’ll soon be driving these trucks like a pro. The app contains some in-app purchases and many bonus rewards but is entirely free to download. Sadly, this is only available in the Google Play store, with more than ten million downloads.

Download: Android

8. Speed Parking

Speed parking

This is a stressful and short timer bases speed game because, as the title suggests, it is all about speed! This wonderful game is all about how quickly can you accomplish the 40 distinct stages in the four seasons that this game has to offer. This game is focused on precise parking and offers on-screen steering and fantastic dynamic gameplay. It’s simple to park without a watch, but how well will you perform with the time limit, is what the game is all about It is simple to use and has excellent audio to provide another depth. You can download this game from the Google Play Store.

Download: Android

9. Crazy Taxi Classic

Crazy taxi

This one is not exactly a parking or a simulation-based game, but no way this makes it not a recommendable game. This SEGA game has a chaotic frenzied race to scare up the most fares, barrel through congested streets, leap from parking garages, and crazy combo your way to crazy money. In Crazy Taxi, time equals money, and only the most insane cabbies win.

You will get different passengers and rides to choose from and then driving around the city will be a frenzied ride. You can collect coins, rewards and other collectables. Obstructions will also be there but you can avoid them and the ride will be a classic ride. After parking your vehicle you will be tipped off and next, you can begin with another ride. The app is free to download and can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Download: Android | iOS

10. Roundabout 2


Lastly, Roundabout 2 is an awesome and exciting parking game that you should try if you want something different in your game. It is simply accessible for Android and iPhone users. There is a wide range of very fantastic automobiles accessible, each with its unique difficulty. You can also learn how to exploit their weaknesses and beat them down by seizing a chance to win. Here you may see the actual city scene with rushing traffic.

The game is controlled in three ways: through buttons, steering wheels, and tilting your smartphone with the gyroscope sensor. Another appealing aspect is that missions are entirely free to play. There are several cameras, including a first-person perspective. This is a game for serious automotive fans. You can choose from a variety of finely produced automobiles and take it for a spin in realistic surroundings. Drive through the suburbs, blast through the city streets, and prove to yourself that you are a true driver. This game is all fun.

Download: Android | iOS

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So, all of these parking games have been carefully chosen, evaluated, and reviewed, and you should try them for the most realistic parking experience. All of these games are enjoyable to play and will provide you with hours of amusement during your spare time. You may get these games from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, and we assure you that you will not be disappointed. If you have any questions on this subject, please leave a comment.

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