Top 5 Bike Racing Games For PC March 2024

- Updated: 1st Mar 2024, 20:20 IST
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    Best Bike Racing Games For PC You Should Try Right Now
    • 1. MotoGP 22
    • 2. Ride 4
    • 3. Road Redemption
    • 4. TT Isle Of Man: Ride On The Edge 2
    • 5. Days Gone
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    Summing Up

Bike racing games are becoming increasingly popular over the past few years. Many gamers who enjoy thrilling and action games play bike games for amusement or thrill. In addition, offline games, such as racing games in general, are popular among gamers. Hence, if you are also a bike racing fan, you might also wonder which bike games you should play next. The best bike racing games are also available for PCs with low or high-end configurations.

There is a large selection of bike racing games and titles in which you may freely ride a bike or race with your opponents. However, if you’re searching for a more specialised bike riding games, with different motorbikes, you’ve come to the correct spot. We have compiled a collection of bike racing video games that you may play on your PC. These are some of the top games worth picking up and playing. All the gaming titles are avaialble on popular PC shopping portals such as Steam or Epic Games Store. So let us begin with the list.

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Best Bike Racing Games For PC You Should Try Right Now

We have compiled five top games you should play on your PC if you love riding or racing on bikes. All these games are easily downloadable, and developers are constantly striving to improve these with regular updates. We now take a look at all five.

1. MotoGP 22

Moto GP

This is one of the simulation-style racing games in which players experience the latest MotoGP by competing in various races. This is, once again, an official bike racing game. Hence, this motorbike game requires a lot of concentration. For the time being, it is all about knowing the track and ensuring that your motorbike performance is capable of going through the races aggressively.

It may not be a game for everyone, especially if you want a more arcade-like experience, but those who enjoy this game will also discover additional DLCs to add additional material to the game or even earlier instalments like MotoGP 21 to experience previous season races. The game features more than 120 riders and almost 70 different championships to let you relive the best Moto GP races. It’s currently available for around Rs. 1499 ($18) and can be downloaded from Steam or can be bought from Microsoft Store.

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2. Ride 4

Ride 4

With hundreds of bikes, dozens of tracks, and a whole new level of realism, Ride 4 will pique your competitive spirit. Choose from hundreds of legally licenced motorcycles and ride on dozens of tracks all around the world that have been meticulously constructed with an exceptional degree of realism. Ride 4 has a completely dynamic weather system as well as a full day/night cycle. Experience the race in a different light and demonstrate that you are the greatest rider in any situation.

The game also has an Endurance mode that will put your endurance to the test with animated pit breaks and long-lasting races. So, your strategy and driving skills will be tested here. You can also choose from various official brands for your rider’s attire and personalise your motorcycles visually and technically. The game is available on the Steam store for Rs. 2,499 ($30).

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3. Road Redemption

Road Redemption

Most of us have played Road Rash in our childhood days. The arcade racing game was a fun game where you could damage other riders with various tactics or weapons to win the races. The fact that participants were given weapons or the power to hit and kick their opponents made this game unique from others. Similar to that classic, we now have Road Redemption, where in this driving combat road rage adventure, you may lead a motorbike gang on an epic journey across the country.

You’ll be able to utilise a variety of weapons, including bats and rifles, much as in Road Rash. Just remember to dodge the cops who will be trying to put an end to this chaos and end your races in multiple ways. The game also enjoys very positive reviews across the whole gaming community and can be downloaded from the Steam store for just Rs. 529 ($8).

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4. TT Isle Of Man: Ride On The Edge 2

TT Isle of Man

The next game on our list is TT Isle Of Man: Ride On the Edge 2. It is without a doubt one of the most hazardous motorcycle races in the world. TT Isle of Man – Ride On the Edge 2 adds 17 new tracks if we compare it to the previous editions, as well as 18 new motorcycles, including historic types, and the official riders. This game is based on a real event that attracts experienced racers from all over the world to compete on the Snaefell Mountain, a track that you can readily observe right now via innumerable YouTube recordings. The route is also quite dangerous, and there have been several accidents here.

Hence the game also promises great turning tracks with lots of adrenaline rush. It includes excellent visuals that will make you feel like a real-life racer and, most importantly, will allow you to enjoy the thrill of bike racing simulation right at home, on your PC. It has very positive ratings and reviews across the whole Internet and can be purchased for Rs. 1,099 ($13) on Steam.

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5. Days Gone

Days Gone PC

Lastly, we have Days Gone which is one of the most popular Sony games available on PC right now. This is not a traditional motorbike riding or racing game, but honestly riding a bike is an essential part of this game. Days Gone is a survival horror zombie game where infected zombies will hunt you down in a post-apocalyptic world. Your main protagonist is Deacon St. John, a former outlaw biker who lost his wife during the apocalypse.

You can ride and battle your way across a deadly post-pandemic America. In this open-world action-adventure game, Deacon is a nomad and bounty hunter who rides the broken road with his bikes, struggling for survival while looking for a purpose to live. You can also make upgrades to your bike or weapons with this game. Since the game’s genre is survival, there is a genuine need for gasoline all the time, and make sure your bike is correctly filled with all the equipment for the journey ahead. You can buy this game from the Epic Games store or Steam, with Epic providing festive discounts most of the time.

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Summing Up

Bike racing games do not release often these days, but with this list, you can find many fun biking games for your PC. You can ride the bikes in these games on those beautiful tracks and lovely terrains and enjoy the adrenaline rush. There’s something so fantastic about fast-paced motorcycles that we gamers can’t help but with these games, you can certainly appreciate all the moments. We have also mentioned the latest versions of these games, which are priced under Rs. 2,000. So, let’s begin racing.

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