Apple Said No To Leather For This Reason!

- Updated: 22nd Sep 2023, 18:10 IST
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    No Leather For Apple Watch
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    No Carbon Footprints – Introducing Fine Woven!
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Apple has shared their commitment to being carbon-neutral by 2030. But does that mean no leather for the Apple watch? What is the real reason that Apple has said no to leather once and for all? Let’s go out in this article! So stay tuned!

Like me, if you also watched the Wonderlust Apple Event on 12th September, then you are familiar with the big talks around carbon footprints, being carbon neutral, and using 100% recycled products in all of their products by 2030! But isn’t it a big goal for a big giant like Apple? What can be the impacts of such an aspiration in 2023? I am sure you must also be having a lot of questions as well let’s delve into them one by one!

No Leather For Apple Watch

During the event, we saw Lisa Jackson, Apple’s Vice President for Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, talking about Leather. Lisa said, “Leather is a popular material for Apple accessories, but it has a significant carbon footprint”. I think that is true, which is why Apple has taken the initiative to say No Leather for Apple watches in any of their Apple watches.

This includes the Apple Watch Ultra 2, The Apple Watch Series 9, and Apple Watch SE. Lisa has also confirmed that Apple will no longer use leather in any of their Apple Products, including watchbands, which starts right after the event! I feel this is a significant change, which has been done by such a giant brand like Apple.

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No Carbon Footprints – Introducing Fine Woven!

Zero per cent carbon footprints does seem difficult for a tech giant like Apple. After all this, Apple seems committed towards this goal. Starting 12th September in the Wonderlust Event, Apple introduced a fine material they will use in Apple watches. The material is Fine Woven, which is carefully crafted to perfection to give users the freedom to express themselves. It does all that without harming the planet.

This is a major step towards sustainability and achieving the goal to become Carbon Neutral by 2030. Whether Apple will be able to achieve this goal or not is something only time will tell. But seeing their efforts and strategies, we can say that this is a much-appreciated move from this tech giant. Apple is going fast towards sustainability and aspiring other brands to realise their responsibility towards the planet.

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What exactly is Fine Woven?

Fine woven is a quality material which is made from 68 per cent post-consumer recycled content and is environment friendly, unlike leather. It has a soft and subtle feel to it and even looks more appealing and long-lasting than leather.

Apple has also announced that Fine Woven will be used in their MagSafe cases and wallets. Along with this, it will be used in Magnetic Link as well.


In the end, we can see Apple’s dedication towards going Carbon Neutral by the end of 2030. There is still a long way to go, but efforts like saying No Leather for Apple Watch, 100 per cent recycled Aluminium, Recycled Cobalt, and more recycled materials go a long way towards reaching this goal.

In this case, it is interesting to see what more steps Apple takes towards reaching this goal and becoming even more sustainable. Do let me know what you think about this move in the comment section below.

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Highlights of the Story

  • The article discusses Apple’s decision to use No Leather for Apple Watch.
  • Apple’s goal is to become Carbon Neutral by the end of 2030. Find out their plans, impact, and the material used to achieve this goal.
  • Even though it is a tough decision to take for a tech giant like Apple, it is still doing their bit to achieve sustainability in all of their products.