Tips to Get Best Price When Selling your Used or Old iPhone

- Updated: 30th Jan 2023, 12:59 IST
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    Tips to Get the Best Price Selling Old iPhone
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    Cashify: A Trustworthy Alternative To Get Your iPhone Resale Done

All the major players in the industry are bringing out new generations of phones in the market. It is simply natural for an individual to want a newer model of the smartphone. So, when doing that cost always comes to mind. If you have a working relatively used iPhone, you can simply sell the phone to get a good price for it and use the money to finance your new purchase. But this is not where it ends, you can even sell your used or old phone even if it is not in such a great condition.

You can sell your old phones through websites like OLX. For that, you need to post an advertisement for the old phone on the website. Then, you can put in a price that you want, and the potential buyers will approach you on the platform. However, this procedure includes many loopholes. Some buyers may enquire and not purchase the old phone.

In this guide, we will go over some tips and techniques on how to prepare yourself before you sell your iPhone. It isn’t unusual to sell your old iPhone and upgrade to a newer model. But it’s safe to say that you have to do a couple of things before you actually sell the iPhone.

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Here we share some points on how to maximize the profits of the old iPhone. You can achieve this goal by being a little attentive while using and selling it.

Tips to Get the Best Price Selling Old iPhone

When preparing to sell it, try to do these things to make it an even more attractive sale:

1. Put a new screen protector:

This one is the most important and easiest way to protect your phone from most of the damage. At a slight drop or by mishandling or by mere carelessness, the screen is bound to crack or shatter. And a cracked or shattered display looks awful and may also malfunction. Although the latest smartphones typically include scratch- and impact-resistant screens made from Gorilla Glass or something similar.

It is much easier and cheaper to replace the screen protector than the phone’s built-in screen. Plus, many screen protectors include an oil-resistant coating to help reduce fingerprints and smudges. Simply put, the screen protector should be the first accessory you should invest in to make the phone a good sell.

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2. Good quality case:

Once again, the possibilities are endless as to how you can damage your phone. It is possible that you may time and again drop the phone and damage it. But this time around, apart from the display it could also damage other parts of your phone. And what’s more, a buyer when seeing newer and quality accessories on the phone you are selling, might be ready to pay an extra buck for it.

3. Sign out and Reset the Device

A factory reset will erase everything on a smartphone but it doesn’t log you out of the Google account(s). So, ensure that you log out of all the Google accounts and other online accounts before going for a factory reset. You can check for logged-in accounts by searching for “accounts” in phone settings or going to “Accounts” via Gmail settings. This makes the phone look newer and feel newer all the while protecting your own data.

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But all of these are simple fixes, some of the important things to do is

  • Repair the small damages or even screen breakages, as it might increase the price point,
  • Clean it physically outside, because presentation matters,
  • Sell it before the new Apple keynote is happening as cost depreciates as the newer model comes,
  • Bundle extra accessories like charger, the original box and the invoice.

Cashify: A Trustworthy Alternative To Get Your iPhone Resale Done

Cashify is a dependable platform to get your smartphone repaired. All you have to do is to go to Cashify’s Sell website and put in your details. First of all, you have to log in.

All you have to do is go to the Cashify Sell website and enter your details. Now, you have to log in. 

  • Select the brand and model you want to sell. 
  • Now, Cashify asks you to choose the storage variant and tap on Get Exact Value. 
  • After this, Cashify asks you some questions regarding the condition. This is to help calculate your device value correctly by answering the questions.
  • Once you have answered the same, Cashify asks you to choose the damage in a very simplified questionnaire. 
  • After answering all the questions, Cashify estimates the selling price they will offer once they pick up the gadget. And how exactly do you do that?
  • Simply tap on Sell Now under the quoted price for your gadget and book a slot at your convenience. 

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Cashify Store offers a lot of services like smartphone buyback, refurbished smartphones, smartphone repairs, accessories repair, and mobile phone recycling. We are India’s no. 1 buyer and seller of second-hand mobile phones. Using the Cashify Store platform, you can conveniently buy refurbished phones with ease. So that every time you visit us, you get all that you need. This makes it the place for the best ONE-STOP for everything!

After placing an appointment, you can very easily cancel or reschedule your order if you change your mind, your Cashify Repair appointment or Sell your device appointment. You can go to the ‘My Profile’ section, and then under ‘Orders’, you can cancel any of your active orders that you wish to. However, we would like to know the reason for your cancellation or rescheduling to understand and help you serve better.

But this is not where it ends, Cashify offers a multitude of options for our customers. From repair service at home to selling devices in the comfort of your home, Cashify aims to give its users a comfortable and safe experience.

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This is a one-stop solution with a quick and hassle-free experience. We offer you premium products with our trained professionals, with amazing prices and guaranteed safety. We are India’s largest and first online mobile experts. 

So, why don’t you jump in and look into the store to find what suits you best without putting in too much money?

Are you looking to sell your smartphone for the best buyback value? Then Cashify has fantastic deals for you; click here to Sell phone online or Recycle old phone.


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