Technology is ever-evolving and smartphones are launching left and right. There comes a time when you have to decide on when to sell your mobile phone. Especially if it is lacking in features or just because you want an upgrade. With today’s internet, you can sell almost anything online without any hassle. If not online, you can even find the best deal nearby if you know just how to get the best deal when selling your mobile.

Because when it’s time to sell or trade-in your used phone, you don’t want to leave cash on the table. These pointers could get you more cash from your buyer or another seller when you’re ready to make a deal.

Whatever it is, it’s imperative to know your options for selling your phone or trading it in. If you are using a peer-to-peer market or selling it to a dealer online or offline, how to get the most money is our base point. Although one cannot control the depreciating value of the phone, if the phone is in a good condition – it could make a lot of difference in the price.

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Things To Do Before Selling Your Mobile

The key is to think about these things now, not days before you’re ready to move on. Here’s what you need to do to make the best deal.

1. Repair Your Device

Yes, repair it! Especially if it is a small damage which can cost you hardly anything. Because the end result of its repair might make a huge difference in the price when reselling the old phone.

2. Check the Market Price

Research the price for the said phone you are trying to resell. This will help you in getting the best deal when selling your mobile as knowing the price of the same new phone and the refurbished one will help you decide your price point.

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3. Determine Factors like age, software and more

Factors like age, software update, and physical condition make a huge difference in the price point of the phone, especially when selling your mobile. Because if you are in the market to buy a refurbished phone, you will also want an optimal phone. So, see to it that the phone’s not extremely damaged and if it is, try to fix it as best you as can.

4. Bundle Extra Accessories

A great way to entice buyers is to add extra accessories to the package. Along with the phone, you can also bundle useful accessories such as an extra charger, a back panel cover, and a pair of old earphones. Even the original box and invoice can help add a couple more bucks to the final price when selling your mobile.

5. Really clean your phone before you sell it

This is extremely important, whether you are selling it to a customer directly or a third party. You’ll get more for a phone that looks and works like new than you will for a crusty handset that’s merely there. Presentation matters. In any case, both the customer and even the third-party buyer can simply refuse to buy it – if it’s not looking good during while inspection.

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But out of all things, it is important as to where you sell it. A good third-party buyer can help you get the best market price and keep your personal info safe. One such good option is Cashify when selling your mobile online.

All you have to do is go to the Cashify Sell website and enter your details. Now, you have to log in. 

  • Select the brand (Apple) and model you want to sell. 
  • Now, Cashify asks you to choose the storage variant and tap on Get Exact Value. 
  • After this, Cashify asks you some questions regarding the iPhone’s condition. This is to help calculate your device value correctly by answering the questions.
  • Once you have answered the same, Cashify asks you to choose the damage on the iPhone in a very simplified questionnaire. 
  • After answering all the questions, Cashify estimates the selling price they will offer once they pick up the iPhone. And how exactly do you do that?
  • Simply tap on Sell Now under the quoted price for your damaged iPhone and book a slot at your convenience. 

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Making your experience hassle-free is one of our mottos when selling your mobile! In just 3 simple steps, you will be rid of a phone which is just idling away at home. Moreover, you will end up with some extra cash for you to save or spend on. Cashify also offers a number of other services to its users. Users can sell their old smartphones, laptops and more on Cashify within minutes with a few taps in the comfort of their homes. It also offers a platform where users can compare and get information before buying a new smartphone.

After placing an appointment, you can very easily cancel or reschedule your order if you change your mind, your Cashify Repair appointment or Sell your device appointment. You can go to the ‘My Profile’ section, and then under ‘Orders’, you can cancel any of your active orders that you wish to. However, we would like to know the reason for your cancellation or rescheduling to understand and help you serve better.

Before payment, Cashify requires an identification check. Cashify requires an ID and address verification. Don’t worry; this is an easy process, where all you have to do is present any of the following ID proofs to the Cashify expert when he shows up to inspect and collect your device. We accept Aadhaar cards and other Government issued identity cards. 

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But this is not where it ends, Cashify offers a multitude of options for our customers. From repair service at home to selling devices in the comfort of your home, Cashify aims to give its users a comfortable and safe experience when you are selling your mobiles.

Moreover, the platform also tries to keep its users updated with the latest technology news in the market. Cashify beyond repair also offers a number of other services to its users. Users can sell their old smartphones, laptops and more on Cashify within minutes with a few taps in the comfort of their homes. It also offers a platform where users can compare and get information before buying a new smartphone.

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