3 Secret Tips To Extend Battery Life of Refurbished iPhone!

- Updated: 6th May 2024, 22:01 IST
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    What Is Reduce Motion Effect?
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    How To Optimise Battery Charging In iPhone?
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    The Need For Optimising Location Services
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If you own an iPhone or a refurbished Apple, then you must be wondering how you can extend the battery life of a refurbished iPhone. Worry not, because we understand your love for your iPhone. iPhones hold a special place in the Indian market for a lot of reasons.

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They are premium, durable, come with a capable processor, and for many other reasons. But there are times when the battery life of the refurbished iPhone starts to drain. Well, to solve this, we have three secret tips for you, by which you can extend the battery life of your beloved iPhone! Here you go!

Three Secret Tips To Extend The Battery Life Of Refurbished iPhone?

  1. Reduce Motion Effect
  2. Optimise Battery Charging
  3. Optimise Location Services

Apart from these three secret tips, we have some other additional tips as well. These tips will make sure that you can extend the life of your refurbished mobile for a longer duration.

What Is Reduce Motion Effect?

We all know that iPhones are known to give the best animation out there. But these animations come at a cost, the cost of battery life. And over the time, if your iPhone’s battery is giving you any trouble, you can reduce the motion effect. By doing so, you will make sure that your phone performs slightly faster and can help you extend battery life of refurbished iPhone.

But you don’t have to worry that your refurbished Apple phone might look dull, it will still be as aesthetically pleasing as before. Here is how you can reduce motion effects:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Accessibility.
  3. Click on Motion.
  4. Select “Preferred Reduce Motion”.

Although there will be a slight difference in visuals but it amount of battery this can save is much higher!

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How To Optimise Battery Charging In iPhone?

Did you know that your refurbished phone can learn from your charging patterns and your daily routine? Yes, you read that right. You can leverage this intelligence to significantly extend the battery life of your iPhone. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Go to Battery Settings under the Settings menu.
  2. Click on “Battery Health & Charging”.
  3. Tap on “Optimise Battery Charging”.

Once you enable this feature, it will do exactly as it is supposed to do. It will reduce the stress on your battery and will delay the charging to 100 per cent until just before you need it.

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The Need For Optimising Location Services

We all know that this is a major no when it comes to extend battery life of refurbished iPhone. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Privacy.
  3. Tap on Location Services.

Now select the app that you actively use for location services. Apps like Food delivery, booking rides, tickets, and much more may fall into this category. Select “While using the app” for these apps so that they only get access to your location when you need it.

For the rest of the apps , you can select “never”. Once these options are set, you will notice that the battery is performing significantly better than before.

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Some Quick Tips

  1. You can go to the settings of your App Store and disable “Automatic Downloads” for the apps.
  2. If you are using Live wallpapers, you can turn them off as they constantly use more battery than normal ones.
  3. Now, notifications can also drain battery life. You can minimise them and select the apps you don’t need any notifications from.
  4. Invest in a good charger from a reputable brand and refrain from using just any charger for your iPhone.

Know that the battery health of any phone degrades over time. So make sure that you use these tips to delay the process.

In A Nutshell

By knowing how to extend battery life of refurbished iPhone, you can preserve your battery life for other important work. Remember to share this article with anyone who has a refurbished iPhone or a new one so that they can benefit from this. These tips works for all models of iPhone, even the Apple iPhone 11, Refurbished Apple iPhone 8, and all the latest one as well.

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Let me know if you found these tips helpful at all in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you!

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Highlights of the Story

  • If your refurbished iPhone is creating battery issues, then follow these three secret tips.
  • These tips include Motion effects, Location services, and Battery Health.
  • Moreover, the article also has some additional tips as well to help you extend the battery life.