The Four Best MIUI Second Space Alternatives You Should Try 

- Updated: 5th Jan 2021, 18:43 IST
  • 1
    Android’s Guest User Feature
  • 2
    Parallel Space
  • 3
    Multi Parallel
  • 4
    Calc Box
  • 5
    Update(Jan 2021)
    • DO Multiple Accounts 

MIUI is the default skin for Android on all Xiaomi devices, and there might be a lot of users who might not like the overall look and feel of the MIUI but it is definitely one of the most feature-rich skins available on android. And one of the best features of MIUI is Second Space. This feature works totally the same as its name suggests. It creates a second space on your phone and the second space will act as a brand new phone.

The problem, however, is that MIUI’s excellent Second Space feature is only available on Xiaomi devices. The problem is that you can’t get Second Space on devices from other OEMs. But it is worth noting that there are alternatives to MIUI’s Second Space feature which we are going to tell you right now.

Android’s Guest User Feature

Four Best MIUI Second Space Alternatives Android Guest User mode
Credits: AndroidPIT

While we did mention above that there is no second space-like feature on Stock Android, you do get something similar. This is in the form of something called Guest User which has been added to Google to Stock Android. Therefore, the feature is available on each and every phone running Android even though they might be running a Custom Skin.

Now, the implementation of Android’s Guest User feature is very similar to Guest Mode on Windows where you can set up the whole PC as new for someone who is logging in as Guest. Similarly, Android’s Guest User will see the phone as brand new with no apps installed and no accounts from the previous user as well.

The best part about Android’s Guest User mode is that you can create more than one guest account on your device. This can’t be done on MIUI’s Second Space which means Android’s implementation is better in this area. 

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Parallel Space

Four Best MIUI Second Space Alternatives Parallel Space

If you are somehow not convinced with Android’s Guest User feature, you have the option of download the Parallel Space app from Google Play Store which is available for free. While this app is not exactly the same as MIUI’s Second Space feature, it might be even better for a specific set of users. Because with Parallel Space, you can’t create new users on your device but you can create multiple instances of the same application. For example, if you want to run two or more WhatsApp accounts on your same device then it is not possible officially. 

However, this can be done by Parallel Space as it creates another copy of the WhatsApp app and you can add a different account to the second app. This is a very handy feature if you have multiple WhatsApp accounts where one might be a private account whereas another one might be a public account.

Multi Parallel

Four Best MIUI Second Space Alternatives Multi Parallel

The next application we would like to recommend you as an alternative to MIUI’s Second Space is Multi Parallel. Now, this app is almost the same as the Parallel Space app that we just recommended above. This is because Multi Parallel also lets you make two or more instances of the same app. So you can run multiple accounts of the same application such as WhatsApp or Facebook on a single device.

Now, the question would be that Parallel Space and Multi Parallel are the same then why to recommend both of them. Well, Parallel Space lets you have an additional feature of locking the app which has been cloned. This means that you can lock the account which is on the secondary app. This app allows you to lock your secondary apps using the fingerprint sensor or pattern system which is an additional layer of security if you really need it. 

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Calc Box

Four Best MIUI Second Space Alternatives Calc Box

Calc Box is also an alternative to MIUI’s Second Space feature but is much more than that too. Now, you don’t get the conventional options of creating a second space with this app. Also, the app’s name suggests that it is a calculator and the app also seems to be a calculator from the outside.

However, there is a hidden trick to this app where you have to enter a specific set of numbers on the calculator to unlock a hidden mode. This is a vault where you can store your private pictures, videos and more which will not be available in the normal gallery.

You also get the option of changing your app icon for the Calc Box which means that you can have a disguising icon so that no one can even have a hint that this might be a vault.  To add to the fun of using a calculator as a secret gallery, this app also allows you to trick your friends. If someone already knows that such an app exists and they somehow get to the vault, you can create a fake vault with fake data added to it to fool your friends. Also, an added security feature of this calc vault app is that the app can’t be uninstalled by anyone who doesn’t know the password of the app. Yes, the app can’t be uninstalled unless someone unlocks its first.

(Cover Image Source: guidingtech)

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Update(Jan 2021)

DO Multiple Accounts 

It is one of the best cloning apps that can be an alternate to MiUi second space. With this application, you can create multiple storage spaces within once device. It lets you create multiple clones of the same application within one device. You can create multiple clones of your favourite social media applications. 

You can also control the functionality of the clone apps. DO lets you control the notifications of the cloned applications. You can create cloud storage with this application too.

It also has a private locker which lets you to password protect all the cloned applications. You can also run multiple Google play store accounts with this application.

It serves as a perfect alternative to the second space app.


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  • Xiaomi’s Second Space creates a different space on your phone which will act as a brand new phone
  • The problem is that you can’t get Second Space on devices from other OEMs
  • But there are alternatives to MIUI’s Second Space feature, the best of which we have explored in this article

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