Realme 3 Receiver Repair Got Easy With Cashify

- Updated: 23rd Jun 2023, 11:59 IST
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    1. Cashify’s Doorstep Repair Service
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The Realme 3 is an amazing smartphone with excellent performance for daily usage. It has a sleek design and a large, vibrant display, making it excellent for watching films and browsing the Internet. Because of its powerful processor and ample RAM, the phone performs without latency, allowing you to multitask without feeling lag. It also has a fantastic camera that produces clean, vivid photographs.

With a good receiver, you can enjoy using the phone with good voice quality throughout the day without worrying about voice lagging over calls or audio. But what if the receiver starts acting up all of a sudden? Well, any phone can face this problem but you need to fix it to make sure the receiver is working. We have listed the best solutions for fixing your Realme 3’s receiver.

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1. Cashify’s Doorstep Repair Service

Cashify not only provides you with a seamless shopping experience but assists you post that too. In case the battery of your Realme 3 is facing battery issues follow these easy steps.

  1. Visit the Cashify mobile repair site.
  2. Create your account on the Cashify app and you’re set to go.
  3. Choose the Realme option from the dropdown of smartphone brands.
  4. Select the model of the phone.
  5. In this case, go to Realme 3 and select the colour of your phone.
  6. The colours are Radiant Blue, Dynamic Black, Classic Black and Diamond Red.
  7. Now, on the Realme repair option, choose the option of receiver repair.
  8. It will cost you only INR 999.
  9. Choose the option and schedule a visit.
  10. A Cashify representative will visit you in a few days and repair your phone.

Cashify’s repair service provides a streamlined process, as well as a return window and product guarantee. Furthermore, the phone will be repaired right in front of you.

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2. Realme Service Centre

The Realme service centre is another wonderful choice for getting your phone repaired. You may be confident that the work is of great quality and that the product is authentic. However, there may be a few drawbacks to this.

  1. Getting the service from a service centre may be more expensive and time taking.
  2. You might also have to submit your phone at the service centre for a few days.
  3. A receiver repair for the Realme 3 costs Rs. 1249.

So, choose wisely when it comes to your Realme 3 repair.

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A smartphone’s voice quality is very important as a good time is spent on calls, listening to music, watching videos etc. So getting the receiver repaired is important. However, you should weigh which mode of repair suits you best and the smarter course should be taken for the best advantage.


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Highlights of the Story

  • Are you facing issues with the receiver of your Realme 3?
  • Well, what is a phone without an efficient receiver?
  • So get it fixed at Cashify right now. Read the blog to know more.

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