Get Your Realme 6 Battery Repair Done Here

- Updated: 22nd Jun 2023, 12:35 IST
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    1. Cashify’s Doorstep Repair Service
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    2. Realme Service Centre
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The Realme 6 is a fantastic smartphone that works really well for everyday use. It has a stylish design and a big, colourful screen that’s perfect for watching movies and using the Internet. The phone runs smoothly without any delays because it has a strong processor and plenty of RAM, so you can do multiple things at once. Talking about the battery, let’s focus on the Realme 6 repair basics today.

If your Realme 6 phone’s battery starts to drain quickly, don’t worry, it can happen to any phone. We have found two really good solutions to help you fix this issue and make your battery last longer. These solutions are the best ones available for improving your Realme 6’s battery life.

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1. Cashify’s Doorstep Repair Service

Cashify goes beyond just offering a smooth shopping experience; it also provides assistance after your purchase. If you’re experiencing battery issues with your Realme 6, follow these simple steps to resolve them.

  1. Visit the Cashify mobile repair site.
  2. Create your account on the Cashify app and you’re set to go.
  3. Choose the Realme option from the dropdown of smartphone brands.
  4. Select the model of the phone.
  5. In this case, go to Realme 6 and select the colour of your phone.
  6. On the Realme repair option, choose the option of battery repair.
  7. You’ll be happy to know it costs only Rs.999.
  8. Choose the option and schedule a visit.
  9. A Cashify representative will visit you in a few days to repair the phone.

With Cashify’s repair service, you get a seamless experience along with a return window and product warranty. The phone will be repaired in front of you.

2. Realme Service Centre

While the Realme service centre is indeed a reliable option for getting your phone repaired, it is important to consider some potential drawbacks. Firstly, the cost of repairs at the service centre may be higher compared to other alternatives. Additionally, the repair process at the service centre might take longer.

Getting your Realme 6 repaired at a service centre can be costly and time-consuming, as many manufacturers charge high fees for their services. Additionally, you may have to part with your phone for several days, which can disrupt your daily activities.

In contrast, Cashify offers a more affordable solution, with battery repairs for the Realme 6 priced at only Rs. 1249. Opting for Cashify ensures a quicker and more cost-effective resolution to your battery issues, allowing you to get back to your work without unnecessary delays.

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Opting for Cashify for your Realme 6 repair is undoubtedly the smarter choice as it offers quicker and more cost-effective solutions compared to the Realme service centre.

With Cashify, you can have your gadget fixed at a reduced price and in less time, all while being present during the repair process. It is essential to weigh these factors and consider the pros and cons before deciding on the best option for repairing your phone.


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