How To Use Cloud Services To Back Up Your Android Device!

- Updated: 30th Apr 2020, 20:46 IST
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    How to backup your Android phone to the cloud?
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    Back up to your Google Account on Android
    • Alternative options for Backing up data to Cloud
    • Backing up SMS to the Cloud on Android

While backups can be created locally and it is possible to manually sync it to an external drive or a computer, this process is extremely inconvenient and can be slow. You can use one of the many Cloud services that generally come with a free tier to sync up all your files across devices, this allows you to switch from a smartphone to another without a long cumbersome process. Also, hard drives are prone to failure and it is more a matter of when they will fail rather than if they will fail.

How to backup your Android phone to the cloud?

It is generally a good option to have an off-site copy of your most important files and for most users, a cloud backup solution might be a great solution. This article outlines the different Cloud backup options that you can optimally utilize for a smooth switch.

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Back up to your Google Account on Android

For most users, the first thing you do after getting a shiny new Android device is sign in to the Google Account. If you have your account signed in then Android will backup your phone settings, synchronize your contacts, bookmarks, and passwords by default without you having to tinker with the Settings of any sort. If you use Google Chrome as your default browser then you will also see your Bookmarks and Passwords synced across devices without selecting any further options.

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You can also use your Google account to sync your photos, Cameras have become the most important deciding factor for most users while purchasing a new smartphone. Most users capture thousands of images over the cycle of a smartphone and it is generally important for them to have a backup of these images in case something goes wrong with the device. Google Photos is one of the best photo backup services around right now.

How to use Cloud Services to Back up your Android Device using Google Photos

There are two options that Google Photos comes with. The primary option allows you to back up all your images in high resolution with a little bit of compressions applied, this is generally a better option for most users as it allows for an unlimited number of photos to be backed up without accounting for your Google Drive Quota. The other option is to choose the uncompressed backup option which allows you to upload your photos without any compression, however, this accounts for storage space against your Google Drive limits.

Google also automatically backs up your text messages and you can alternatively go to the Backups tab in the settings and tap on the backup now option to instantly back up all your messages to the Google cloud servers.

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Alternative options for Backing up data to Cloud

If you do not wish to backup everything to Google servers then there are a few other options. While Google Photos offers one of the best experiences in backing up images, it doesn’t offer fine-grained control on organizing your images and storing them. One Drive is another great option that comes with Office 365, for regular users you get a smaller free Quota but if you are already an Office 365 user then Microsoft bundles 1TB of cloud storage included in the price of the package. You can use the OneDrive app on your Android smartphone to automatically backup your images and videos to the cloud.

How to use Cloud Services to Back up your Android Device using One Drive

Download OneDrive from Google Play Store

You can also sign in to the website or download the OneDrive app on your computer to view or download the files that were synced from the device. If you have not subscribed to the Office 365 bundle then you get 5GB of free storage by default and this can be easily upgraded to 100GB of Cloud storage for a very nominal amount of Rs 123/month. OneDrive is one of the best options for the price and offers high-level security, this app is available on your Windows computer and Android devices allowing you to sync up the files with ease.

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Backing up SMS to the Cloud on Android

How to use Cloud Services to Back up your Android Device SMS Organizer

While most smartphones backup the SMS to cloud automatically, if your smartphone doesn’t support it there are many applications to do it for you such as the SMS Organizer by Microsoft. This app allows you to sort out your messages and make sure the spam and promotional messages are tucked away in a corner without distraction. It is a clever app to sort our bank receipts and credit card statements in separate tabs for quick reference. This app automatically backs up your data and sync the messages back whenever you want, to allow the shifting to a new phone much easier.

Download SMS from Organizer Google Play Store

How to use Cloud Services to Back up your Android Device SMS Backup +

Alternatively, you can use the SMS Backup+ application which is a free app that automatically sends your SMS threads to Gmail and stores them under the “SMS” label for easy access. The app also backs up MMS and call logs allowing you to restore SMS, and Call logs back to your smartphone. While the setup process is a little cumbersome when compared to the other options, the messages can be later accessed easily in your Gmail inbox.

Download SMS Backup+ from Google Play Store


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