How To Share Instagram Reels As Whatsapp Status

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Updated: 1st Feb 2023 12:07 IST
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    Method 1: Share Any Instagram Reel On WhatsApp Status With Link
    • Method 2: Share Instagram Reels To WhatsApp Status Without Link
    • Method 3: Share Instagram Reels as WhatsApp Status Using App
    • Method 4: Sharing Instagram Reel as Whatsapp Status (Screen Recording Method)

People who enjoy making and sharing amusing and entertaining reels on Instagram frequently do the same on other apps too. This is why, Instagram provides the option to “Recommend on Facebook” when posting a reel, allowing you to share your reels with anyone on Facebook. Conversely, Instagram does not permit users to cross-post their reels on WhatsApp, which is owned by Facebook.

However, you can use the Share option under reels to post the link to a reel on your WhatsApp status. However, since most WhatsApp users won’t bother to open the link, it is not a practical way to share clips. Additionally, those without the Instagram app installed on their device won’t be able to view your reels.

But don’t worry posting Instagram reels as WhatsApp status without a link is simple and we will show you how you can do it easily. By doing this, you can post a reel, your own or someone else’s along with the music as a WhatsApp status. Here is a guide on how to download any Instagram reel with audio and then post it as a WhatsApp status.

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Here you can use a link from Instagram to immediately publish any reel video to your WhatsApp Status. No matter if a person uses Instagram or not, anyone may view that reel. Here is how to go about it:

Share Instagram Reel on Whatsapp with Link
  1. Play the reel you wish to share on WhatsApp from the Instagram app on your phone.
  2. Select “Share To” by clicking on the three dots in the bottom right corner.
  3. From the share option, choose “WhatsApp“, and then put it as your WhatsApp Status.
  4. If any of your contacts are not Instagram, then any of your WhatsApp contacts can click the reel link and view it in a browser.

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The process of sharing Instagram Reels to Whatsapp is different depending on whether the Reel is uploaded by you or someone else. If you would like to share a Reel that is uploaded by you then the process is fairly simple. But in case you would like to share Instagram Reel of any other account to Whatsapp Status then the process is a bit different. Here are both the methods:

2.1 Share Your Own Instagram Reel To Whatsapp

Sharing your own Instagram Reels as Whatsapp Status is quite easy. Here is how to do it:

Save Instagram Reel

1. Navigate to the Reels section on your Instagram Profile page.

2. Now select any Reel that you would like to share as Whatsapp Status.

3. Open and Play that Reel. Now look for the three dots menu on the right side.

4. Under the menu select “Save to Camera Roll“. Now some reels might download without the audio. And in case you get the popup “Download Without Audio“. Select Download. These reels that get this popup will be muted and will have no audio

Set Instagram reel as Whatsapp Status

5. Now navigate to Whatsapp and now you can put the download Reel in the form of Video as Whatsapp Status.

2.2 Share Instagram Reel from Any Account To Whatsapp

If you want to share someone’s reel to your WhatsApp status, without the hassle of using multiple ways to save the reel. Instead, want a simple way within Instagram, then you need to check one condition, if the following condition is met then you can share it easily:

Note: Make sure that the reel you want to share is not from a private account.

Here’s how you can share the Instagram Reels from any account to your WhatsApp status:

1. Launch Instagram on your phone, and play the reel you want to share on WhatsApp.

2. Click on “Share” button and select “Add to your story“.

Share Instagram Reel as Story

3. On the story screen, tap on the three dots at the top right and click “Save”.

How to Save Instagram Reels

4. Now you can share a short clip of the reel on your WhatsApp status.

Share Instagram Reel on Whatsapp Status

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Method 3: Share Instagram Reels as WhatsApp Status Using App

Repost App for Instagram

Here is a guide to share Instagram Reels as Whatsapp Status using a third-party app:

  1. You can download the Repost: For Instagram app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. You first have to search for the reel from the Instagram app that you want to add to WhatsApp Status.
  3. In the post’s upper right corner, hit the three dots icon, then tap ‘Copy Link‘.
  4. After opening the Repost app, wait for a few seconds and it will immediately recognize the post. When the post is shown, tap it.
  5. Once it has opened, you can choose to choose the marked area and delete, move, or alter the color of the attribution mark. If not, click the Share icon in the upper right corner to save the pictures. And now click on “Save Video
  6. Now you can simply share this download video as Whatsapp Status.

Method 4: Sharing Instagram Reel as Whatsapp Status (Screen Recording Method)

This is another simple method using which you can share any Instagram Reel with music as Whatsapp Status. This method applies to call cases be it you have an Android or iOS smartphone, or the Reel is uploaded by you or any other account. Here is how to share Instagram Reel as Whatsapp Status.

Share Instagram Reel on Whatsapp using screen recording

1. Launch the Instagram app and play the reel that you would like to share.

2. Now for iOS you have a built-in screen recording functionality and you can simply use that from the control panel to start the screen recording and play the reel. And once the reel has completely played for the duration. Stop the screen recording and now you can use the recording to share as Whatsapp Status. You might need to trip the video a bit and that can easily be done from Whatsapp while creating the Whatsapp status.

3. For Android, some smartphone manufacturers like Oneplus have a built-in screen recording functionality. And in case your smartphone does not have this functionality you can simply download any third-party screen recording app such as AZ Screen Recorder.

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Highlights of the Story
  • Instagram Reels has slowly captured a major share of the growing short video market.
  • Due to their increasing popularity, people want to share their Instagram Reels on other social media apps too.
  • Here is how you can share Instagram reels as WhatsApp status.

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