How Can You Ensure Maximum Resale Value For Your Phone?

- Updated: 13th Sep 2019, 06:54 IST
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    Pricing Factors
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    How To Maximise Resale Value?

recent study has shown that nearly 100 million users in India give in to the temptation of buying a new smart mobile handset every year. To satisfy this hunger, most of us sell our old handsets for the best possible price. But what is the best possible price for your smartphone?

Pricing Factors

Well, it depends mostly on the condition in which you keep your phone. If you are new to hawking your old handsets, be prepared to be shocked. The resale market is mostly grim for customers. Mostly it depends on the model of the phone. Latest brands of known smartphone companies like Apple or Samsung will definitely sell out faster.

The other conditions are linked to how you maintain your phone. Here are some tips.

How To Maximise Resale Value?

Avoid exposing your mobile phone to too much sun or rain. This is especially important for smartphones with LCD screens. Do not use or store your mobile phone in dusty or dirty places, as this could undermine its circuitry or essential components.

Opening a phone unnecessarily and repeatedly may cause damage to the parts of the phone. Use a mobile phone holster. They can reduce the amount of wear done to the phone. Secondly, they can also reduce harm to the phone when it gets wet. Also as the screen is the most important part of the phone putting a screen guard or tempered glass is the best way to ensure a good resale value.

Keep the memory of your phone clean. Do not overuse the RAM and do not keep your phone at maximum storage. Also, keep clearing your cache so that the phone is operating correctly when you try and sell it.

That’s about it. If you’ve been adhering to all of this, perhaps it is time to sell your device and make some money.


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