Google Testing Pixel Launcher For Android 11

- Updated: 8th Jun 2020, 10:32 IST
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    Key Features In Google Pixel Launcher For Android 11
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    New Google Pixel Launcher Rumours

Google Pixel launcher suffered a lot of criticism for not having those special features like in Nova Launcher or Action Launcher, but one thing that makes it stand alone is its simple and clean design. The launcher is pre-installed on Google Pixel with the minimum hassle of updates. Google has been working on this Pixel Launcher since its Android 11 Preview didn’t go as well as planned. Furthermore, XDA developers has discovered new features to be added to Google’s Launcher app.

Key Features In Google Pixel Launcher For Android 11

New Actions on the overview page of recent apps: Google introduced high-quality overview cards that can be scrolled horizontally allowing users to select texts and images from these overview cards, but applicable only for Pixel devices. Google is also testing it’s replacing the app suggestion with three actionable buttons – select, screenshot, share.

Hide individual app suggestions: Here as we know Google’s selective row of suggested apps is completely based on the recently opened apps. But you can hide this row completely by going to suggestions in the Pixelbar menu settings. Clicking on the app you want to hide, you will be notified with three options- app info, widgets, and don’t suggest app.

Auto-naming: Yes, automatic naming of folders can be expected in this new Google Pixel Launcher Android 11 where you can name the newly created or old folders you made using drag and drop feature. Simply click on the ‘unnamed folder’ or the possibility could be that Google may identify itself about what kind of apps you are grouping together and suggest you with one good name for it. For example, if you are grouping Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Google will suggest ‘social’.

New Google Pixel Launcher Rumours

It is also rumoured that Google may introduce double-tap gestures for launching Google Assistant Camera. These new features are not yet added in the recent Pixel Launcher release, as the launch date of Android 11 is yet not decided. And as the overall summary of XDA developers shows, Google will be testing more new and old features for Google Pixel Android 11 but the availability of these features is yet awaited.

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Image source: 9to5google


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