5 Best Telegram App Alternatives To Protect Your Privacy In May 2024

- Updated: 30th Apr 2024, 10:19 IST
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    Mighty Networks
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    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
    • What is the Telegram app used for?
    • Is Telegram a safe app?
    • What is the difference between Telegram and WhatsApp?
    • Can people see my number on Telegram?
    • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Telegram?
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    Summing up

Since 2013, the Telegram app has been the favourite of many people around the world. However, since then, various Telegram app alternatives have cropped up to give it some stiff competition. Before we dive into these alternative apps, it’s essential to know why Telegram is so popular. The app has a lot of advantages, such as unlimited video calling, user privacy, and unlimited sharing of files, audio, and videos. Very few apps of this nature provide the user with this level of customisation and privacy. Moreover, the Telegram app’s encryption is widely known to be far better than that of other competitor apps.

However, the app has been recently overtaken by a slew of other applications that provide the same features. Additionally, Telegram now includes a substantial amount of spam that can ruin the user experience. So, if you’ve been using Telegram for a while and are looking for other similar apps, we’re here to help. Our list of the best Telegram app alternatives should give you a decent option!

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With that being said, let’s check out the apps!



Signal became one of the most popular messaging apps after Elon Musk’s famous tweet in 2021. However, the app was available for use far before that, being released in 2014. It’s only recently gained a lot of attention, and people have started to understand the value that Signal provides. The app puts an unprecedented level of priority on user privacy, with features that other messaging apps lack. For example, you can send messages on Signal with a self-destruct timer, which deletes the messages in the chat after a specified amount of time. Moreover, the level of end-to-end encryption provided by Signal is far better than other apps of this nature.

For voice calls, you can use Signal’s VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) feature. These calls are encrypted as well. However, what truly sets Signal apart from other messaging apps is that it can be used offline. That’s right – you can use Signal without being connected to the internet. With such features, there’s little doubt as to why it’s considered one of the best Telegram app alternatives!



We’re pretty sure that very few of our readers have heard of Tox. In case you haven’t, Tox is an open-source messaging platform that also focuses on user privacy. Moreover, in a world where data and information mining have become one of the biggest cyber threats, Tox may be what you need if you value privacy over all else. In fact, Tox works quite differently than other messaging apps. For apps such as WhatsApp, a single entity controls the entire platform. However, Tox is completely decentralised and doesn’t have a single entity or organisation managing it. This infrastructure removes the root cause of privacy infractions. Apart from this, it uses fewer resources compared to competitor apps.

In a bid to maintain the user’s privacy, Tox doesn’t even require you to register with the platform. This aids Tox’s no-tracking formula, as all your chats will be encrypted, and your user data will be wiped from their servers. Another neat feature of the app is that you can share your device’s screen while using the app. With all these nifty features, Tox is definitely worth a try, making it one of the more decent Telegram app alternatives.

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Pidgin Telegram App Alternatives

When you’re running a small business or enterprise that deals with user-sensitive information, your biggest threat is data privacy during team communications. With Pidgin, most of these issues are resolved straight away. This chat client is also open source, like Tox and supports multiple protocols and data encryption. In fact, you can integrate the app into other chat clients such as Yahoo and MSN, and all your data will be secure when you’re using these clients. Pidgin also offers various plugins and extensions for browsers that support it, making it quite extensible.

Additionally, you can use multiple accounts through the app, depending on your personal and business communications. Finally, the app is very portable – you can use the app without any need for installation. All you’ll have to do is take the necessary files for Pidgin in a USB stick and plug it into another system to make it work!



Are you someone who’s been working through Telegram for your office but finds it to be quite cumbersome? Telegram might be great for messaging, but it isn’t an app that’s known for its level of organisation. If you want to organise your office’s communications better, give Slack a try. It’s quite an old app too, being released in 2009. Since then, the app has been a corporate office staple. There’s a good chance that if an office isn’t using Microsoft Teams for communications, they’re most definitely using Slack. The app lets you organise threads and channels for discussing various works around your department. You can also invite anyone (if they’re already on Slack) into a channel or thread by mentioning them through their username. In this way, Slack becomes a cross between a forum and a chat app. Moreover, the quality of audio calls over Slack is second to none!

Nonetheless, there are some drawbacks to Slack. While it’s great as an organisational app, you’ll have to integrate it with other software to add more features. For example, Slack itself doesn’t have a video call feature. So, you’ll have to incorporate Zoom along with Slack to conduct your video meetings. Unlike Telegram, which offers a few opportunities for monetisation, Slack doesn’t have such features. Overall, it’s a decent Telegram app alternative if you’re looking for an organisational chat app.

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Mighty Networks

Mighty Networks Telegram App Alternatives

Speaking of monetisation through chat apps, very few can reach the level of Mighty Networks in this regard. Essentially, this chat app is a cultural software and community. For the uninitiated, cultural software is software that allows you to form communities regarding various subjects or cultures. Telegram also works like cultural software, as there are various threads on Telegram that are meant for exams, offices, and general banter. However, Mighty Networks takes this a step further.

It combines the workings of a forum, chat app, and multiple security features to keep the communities intact and secure. In fact, this app is far more secure than Telegram. If you’re creating and managing a community on Mighty Networks, you can allow members in through paid spots. Moreover, the app accepts major currencies from all over the world. To make the membership system even more secure, potential members can also be subjected to screening through questionnaires.

When it comes to chats, all your conversations are secure and encrypted. From 1:1 discussions to audio calls to even live events, Mighty Networks prides itself on its security protocols. Although the company was launched in 2017, it’s fast become one of the best Telegram app alternatives!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most common questions regarding Telegram app alternatives or the Telegram app itself. These answers should clarify any doubts you have regarding the topic!

What is the Telegram app used for?

The Telegram app was initially developed as an alternative to WhatsApp. This app is mainly used for communication, including sending audio and video messages, along with other files, such as documents and photos. Telegram also focuses more on user privacy, as compared to its closest competitors.

Is Telegram a safe app?

Telegram was initially developed keeping in mind the user’s privacy. Although it offers end-to-end encryption, the app has come under fire recently for lapses in security. If you’re using Telegram, ensure that you have extra security safeguards. This is especially pertinent to companies and organisations that use Telegram as a messaging platform.

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What is the difference between Telegram and WhatsApp?

Ever since Meta acquired WhatsApp, people have become rather suspicious of WhatsApp’s security features. Its end-to-end encryption is said to be relatively weak. For these reasons, Telegram is preferred by users worldwide. It offers better end-to-end encryption, along with a tool for self-destructing messages. Overall, Telegram is considered a better app in terms of security.

Can people see my number on Telegram?

No. Unless you change your privacy settings to show your contacts your phone number, Telegram doesn’t show the user’s phone number. Instead, people communicate with each other on Telegram through handles.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Telegram?

There are a few advantages of Telegram, such as end-to-end encryption and self-destructing messages. There are also various channels for hundreds of subjects and topics that you can join as a member. However, it has a few cons as well. For example, the Telegram app has been under fire recently for dodgy channels, and its use isn’t permitted in many countries.

Summing up

The Telegram app is definitely one of the most popular messaging platforms available today. However, with various policy changes and violations of regulations, it’s not as trusted as it was a few years ago. If you’re looking for different messaging apps that offer better features and security, then our list of the best Telegram app alternatives should help you find your next messaging platform. If we’ve missed out on your preferred messaging platform, let us know in the comment section below!

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