5 Best Bus Simulator Games For Android & iOS June 2024

- Updated: 1st Jun 2024, 19:46 IST
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    Best Bus Simulator Games
    • 1. Bus Simulator Indonesia
    • 2. Bus Simulator: Ultimate
    • 3. Coach Bus Simulator
    • 4. Bus Simulator: MAX
    • 5. Heavy Bus Simulator
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Over the past few years, we have seen car simulators and other types of racing games all over the world. Vehicle simulation games have their own fan following, thus people like trying out different simulation-based games. Similarly, there are several bus simulator apps or games for Android and iOS that provide a realistic gaming experience. These games are typically based on genuine maps, allowing you to explore a big area. You’ll also get to check out several bus types, have fun with an integrating first-person driver’s cabin, and even get irritated by realistic traffic congestion. So, in this article, we take a look at some of the best bus simulator games you should try right now. Let us begin.

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Best Bus Simulator Games

Here’s a selection of the top bus simulator games for Android and iOS that you can play right now. These games provide the most realistic bus driving possible, with excellent visuals and controls. So, let us take a look at all of these games.

1. Bus Simulator Indonesia


The first app/game on our list is Bus Simulator Indonesia which has more than 100 million downloads and is one of the most popular apps on the Google PlayStore. The game includes a large globe map of Indonesia with actual Indonesian towns and locations. With a file size of less than 1GB, this game has stunning visuals, and the cities and their components are also stunning.

You may also use different community-created mods to put your local bus or any other rare bus into the game. In terms of controls, the tilt steering option may be tough to grasp initially, but it becomes straightforward to operate after a while. If you want to play with others, you may also try out several game modifications and online multiplayer. It may not be the only bus simulator game, but it is undoubtedly one of the best. Sadly, this game is still not available for Apple devices.

Download on Google Play Store

2. Bus Simulator: Ultimate


If you’re seeking for the greatest visuals in a bus simulator game, this game is for you. The visuals are spectacular, and the games replicate weather conditions, day and night cycles, and so on. You must drive your bus like a professional to gain the trust of your passengers. Passengers can assess their ride experience in this game. When it comes to controls, you may choose between steering, tilt, and button choices.

Players should expect entirely realistic routes and bus driving experience in Bus Simulator: Ultimate. It has several nations offering excellent roads and large maps to explore. You need to pay attention while driving carefully and observe the traffic regulations as you would in real life. Its file size of less than 1.5GB is also sufficient for most gamers, and the game doesn’t require a high-end processor. You can download the game from App Store and Google Play Store.

Download on App Store

Download on Google Play Store

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3. Coach Bus Simulator


The next game on the list is Coach Bus Simulator. You may play as a coach bus driver in this game, and you can pick the route in an open-world gaming setting. You can travel across different ways by selecting a bus from a variety of 20 buses. This game intrigues you with its realistic weather, traffic system, and damaged images.

The primary purpose of this game is to allow you to experience as many different driving conditions as possible. It takes place in Europe and has an open world map to explore. The visuals are excellent, and each city and route has a distinct appearance. You get more than 20 buses to choose from, with the design of most buses kept almost realistic. The game is available for Android users and iPad users.

Download on App Store

Download on Google Play Store

4. Bus Simulator: MAX


Bus Simulator: MAX has stylish visuals, intriguing locales, and a large number of vehicles. Its developers Sir Studios have tried to provide a realistic driving experience, and have certainly delivered on that aspect. This bus simulator game will keep you entertained since you may ride in any city, road, or weather condition of your liking. Its graphics also look super real.

The game allows you to experience the scenarios of a long bus journey. The app’s realism is out of this world. It would be best if you dived into the intriguing and dangerous world of bus travel with this beautiful. The application is entirely free to install on both Android and Apple devices. Select a route, a track, or a bus and embark on a genuine adventure with the Bus Simulator: MAX.

Download on Google Play Store

Download on App Store

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5. Heavy Bus Simulator


The Heavy Bus Simulator is an Android-only game, that has a whole new physical system. It delivers a very realistic and spectacular bus-driving experience. We had already explored the possibility of writing whatever we wanted on other bus simulator games. But this game provides even more immersive and customisation options. Players in this game can paint the bus whatever they wish like.

There are several cities to begin exploring on Brazilian roads with the help of artificial intelligence. There are numerous bus features with wonderful interiors, and with the arrival of more buses, a slew of improvements will be released. Traffic citations, dust, fuel usage, and traffic signals are also included. As players, you may always try to make the trip more entertaining for the passengers. Another advantage of this game is that it receives regular upgrades that enhance the gameplay while providing new features.

Download on Google Play Store


So, you have the best bus simulator games for Android and iOS devices. Most of these games transfer you to various places worldwide, where you may enjoy driving your bus with multiple customisations and in different weather conditions. We are confident that you will love all of these games, and download links for them are supplied. For more such lists of best apps or games, do follow Cahsify TechByte.

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