5 Best BGMI Players In India That You Won’t Be Able To Beat!

- Updated: 14th Jan 2023, 22:05 IST
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    Top Five BGMI Players in India
    • 1. Jonathan
    • 2. Snax
    • 3. Sc0utOP
    • 4. Mavi
    • 5. ClutchGod

Battlegrounds Mobile India was released on July 2, 2021, for Android devices and on August 18, 2021, for iOS devices in India. The Indian BGMI players had to wait for more than ten months to be able to play the game. Developed by Krafton, BGMI is an online multiplayer battle royale game. The game has already taken the place of PUBG in India. 

However, you won’t find much difference in the playing style, mechanisms and in-game features. And with that, Krafton is BGMI tournaments in 2022, the total prize money of which would be Rs. 2 crores each. The announcement by Krafton has made the fans eager to watch their favourite BGMI players playing in the tournament. 

Let us have a look at the best solo BGMI players in India

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Top Five BGMI Players in India

Before we mention the names, it is imperative to know that this list is not arranged in the ranking order, and nor do we compare any BGMI player with others.

BGMI Best Free Fire Alternatives

1. Jonathan

Jonathan Jude Amaral is one of India’s finest BGMI players. Currently, he is representing the eSports organization- GodLike eSports. The ex TSM Entity player is known for his unique controls and mind-blowing sensitivity. His fans love him for the perfect grenades throw, flawless DMR shots and zero recoil sprays.

However, Jonathan went unnoticed at the beginning of his career. It was only when he secured #1 in PMCO-Fall Split: South Asia as well as PMIS 2020 that fans noticed his gameplay. His incredible performance on the worldwide level has made him win the MVP(Most Valuable Player) trophy two consecutive weeks in PMWL-2020. 

Jonathan has a subscriber base of 2.62M on YouTube, and his monthly earning based on YouTube streams is said to range somewhere between $6.1K – $97.8K.

2. Snax

Raj “Snax” Varma is one of the famous eSports BGMI players in India. Currently, he is representing Team XO. Also known as the “DP King” due to his unparalleled DP28 outbursts in the BGMI community, Snax is the team’s assaulter and sniper.

Fans love Snax for his M416+6x sprays. His DP+4x is considered to be lethal among all BGMI players. Snax rose to fame with his tips & tricks and practice drill videos for BGMI. He was the winner of the first-ever BGMI event- Streamer’s Battle with TeamIND.

Snax enjoys a YouTube subscriber base of 920K and is said to earn approximately $3.4K-$53.7K on a monthly basis from his YouTube streams. 

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3. Sc0utOP

Tanmay “Sc0ut” Singh is perhaps the most famous BGMI player on our list. Earlier, a football player who represented Kolkata at the national level, Sc0ut, turned towards PUBG when he met an accident and had to spend six months in bed. Currently, he plays for TeamXSpark and is a common name in controversies. However, with his gameplay, Sc0ut has time and again shut the mouth of critics and made a special place in his fan’s hearts.

Sc0ut secured the #2 position in PMCO-Spring Split with TeamIND and has represented India at many events, including PEL, PMWL, etc. Fans often address him by the title “Comeback Criminal”. Sc0ut is an aggressive assaulter, a flanker and a sniper.

With 4.05M subscribers on YouTube, Sc0ut earns $11.9K-$190.9K on a monthly basis from his Youtube streams and videos.

4. Mavi

Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh, or as the fans call him, the best IGL-cum-assaulter in the history of BGMI players, is undoubtedly one of the best players on our list. He represented Orange Rock in many events and is a strong face of the team. 

It was Mavi who took OR to #2 in PMIT 2019, PMCO Spring Split-2020 and #1 in PMPL Spring Split-2020 South Asia, and ESL-India Primiership’20. He plays the role of in-game leader and currently represents Team Mavi- a temporary lineup with his comate Sc0ut.

Mavi’s YouTube channel has a subscriber base of 1.09M. He earns $6.6K-$106.2K on a monthly basis from his streams and videos.

5. ClutchGod

Vivek Abhas Horo or ClutchGod is a player of GodLike eSports. His calm and cool nature during the game makes him even more appreciable by the fans. ClutchGod is known to have a great understanding of the match situations and reading between the zones in BGMI.

ClutchGod assisted his squad to finish off first and second place in the 2020 PUBG tournaments. His wins include the Loco War of Glory: Grand finals, SkySports Championship 3.0 and Ranbhoomi season 1. However, his most promising performance was seen during PMPL South Asia: Season 1, where he won the trophy of MVP for highest kills.

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