Apex Legends Mobile: 6 Tips And Tricks To Always Be The Champion

By Anirban Dutta Choudhury | 
Updated: 19th May 2022 13:36 IST

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    Use the firing range
  • 2
    Control adjustment
  • 3
    Get the right Perks
  • 4
    Bunny hopping
  • 5
    Headshots are essential
  • 6
    Automate certain functions
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Highlights of the Story

  • Apex Legends Mobile has been released to the global audience on May 17, 2022.
  • The game offers new content and a unique spin on the mobile battle royale genre.
  • To make the most of the early hours of the game, here are the best Apex Legends tips and tricks you can follow!

After ages of alpha and beta testing, Apex Legends Mobile is finally here to bring you a different taste of the battle royale genre. EA had already been hugely successful with the Apex Legends brand after being released for PC and consoles. Now, it aims to enter the mobile battle royale space with the mobile version of this epic game. Since Apex Legends Mobile is unlike any other mobile battle royale game, we’ve got you covered. Even though the game has just been released, this article shall cover some Apex Legends Mobile tips and tricks for you to get a grip of the game.

Apex Legends incorporates the same style that was previously seen in Respawn Entertainment‘s Titanfall 2. Basically, the game has features of parkour that combine with the core shooting elements. This gives the game a level of verticality and movement previously unseen in shooting games. While this can take some time to adjust to, Apex Legends Mobile brings a unique flavour to the genre.

Get ready for some over-the-top action, and let’s dive into the Apex Legends Mobile tips and tricks.

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Use the firing range

Using the firing range

Matches in Apex Legends Mobile tend to be high-pressure situations. When you’re new to the game and have dived right into the heart of an intense gunfight, you might not face the best time. The controls and game mechanics of Apex Legends Mobile are far different from those of the competitor games. This is why you should use the firing range that the game provides. It’s a mode to practice your shooting skills and understand the movement of the game better. After all, you’ll only be able to win matches if you can understand the basics of shooting and movement in the game.

Moreover, there are different levels of movement practice. Once you get the hang of shooting and moving simultaneously in the game, your skillset will rise exponentially. If you’ve never played Apex Legends on console or PC, the firing range must be your first priority to understand the gameplay better.

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Control adjustment

Control scheme adjustment

Apex Legends Mobile offers a few options for changing the controls. This is an excellent option for players who are new to games of this nature. Thankfully, the game has included controls and HUDs for different scenarios. If you’re someone who’s played Apex Legends on PC and console, you can change your controls to be similar to the console experience. If you’re into other FPS (First-person shooter) games and are trying Apex Legends Mobile for the first time, you can adjust the controls accordingly. Lastly, and more importantly, if you’ve never played an FPS game on mobile before, you can adjust the controls to be more accessible.

These are important to change as a shooting game requires you to be quick and agile in terms of reactions. This is made much easier if you’re able to adjust to the controls faster.

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Get the right Perks

Perks system

Apex Legends Mobile brings in a new system of Perks. This system helps players better their Legends’ stats, through a skill tree. Some of the Perks provide passive buffs or increase the damage of Finishers and tactical abilities. To unlock the Perks, you’ll have to select a particular character and play with them for as long as possible. As you continue to increase your in-game level, you’ll also unlock tokens specific to the character you’re using. These buffs are essential to becoming an effective Apex Legends Mobile player, and the sooner you unlock all of them, the better your gaming experience will become.

We’d recommend you to play with a couple of different Legends, however. You’re never quite sure who ends up picking your main Legend in a squad. So, you should maintain a backup Legend and continue upgrading their skills and unlocking their Perks as well. Sure, it might take a longer period of time but you won’t lag behind in the long run.

Bunny hopping

bunny hopping apex legends mobile tips and tricks

Bunny hopping is a movement that helps you move faster, avoid gunfire, and go in unpredictable directions. When Apex Legends was first released on PC and consoles, you could see multiple players bunny hopping around the map. This was an overpowered move and had to be toned down by the developers in numerous patches.

While it isn’t as powerful in the PC and console version of the game now, it’s still relatively new in Apex Legends Mobile. Bunny hop relentlessly to make your movement unpredictable and heal yourself on the run. We’re pretty sure that the movement has been slightly nerfed in the final release of Apex Legends Mobile. Regardless, it’s a powerful tool to have in your skillset.

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Headshots are essential


As with any shooting game, aiming for the head is always a good option. Things are no different in Apex Legends Mobile. Use the firing range to understand the gunplay and better your aim. Practice more on the moving targets as movement is an essential part of the game. Solitary, standing targets will be hard to come by in matches. Whenever possible in a match, aim directly for the head to kill the target instantly or deal significant damage. This, without a doubt, is one of the most important Apex Legends Mobile tips and tricks that you can use.

Automate certain functions

automate loot pickup apex legends mobile tips and tricks

When you’re playing Apex Legends on PC or console, it’s easy to use multiple buttons for actions such as looting and picking up items. However, the mobile version makes things much more difficult. You’ll have to ensure that you tap on the screen in the exact location while also having a narrower field of vision. There’s less room to manoeuvre your fingers as well. This is why you should automate these actions to ensure that you have a smoother and more holistic gameplay experience. Nonetheless, remember to change the weapons and attachments manually, as automating functions isn’t the best option in this case.


So, these were our top Apex Legends Mobile tips and tricks for you to implement in this new game. The game is relatively new in the global market and will continue to add more content in the future. For now, however, these essential tips should see you through your first few hours of Apex Legends Mobile gameplay. What are you waiting for? Boot up the game and start dominating the matches with these tips!

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