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Updated: 9th Mar 2022 17:09 IST

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    Airtel Data Recharge Plans List
    • Rs. 19 Airtel Data Plan
    • Rs. 58 Airtel Data Plan
    • Rs. 108 Airtel Data Plan
    • Rs. 118 Airtel Data Plan
    • Rs. 148 Airtel Data Plan
    • Rs. 301 Airtel Data Plan
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    Airtel Data Plans: How to Recharge?
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    About Airtel Recharge Plans

Highlights of the Story

  • Airtel Data Plans offer a set amount of data on existing plan’s validity.
  • These plans range from Rs. 58 to Rs. 301 in India.
  • Here is a list of all the Airtel Data Plans in India!

On multiple occasions, we may often find ourselves running out of data. But, if you are an Airtel user, don’t worry, as these Airtel Data Plans are here to save the day! Moreover, these plans start at just Rs. 58 and go up to Rs. 301. There are six such plans, and we have put all of them together to make an Airtel Recharge Plans list for data in 2021. Besides, Airtel also hiked the prices of all their plans recently. So, these are the updated prices as well.

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Airtel Data Recharge Plans List

Without any further ado, here is a quick look at the complete Airtel recharge plans list for data:

Rs. 191 Day1GB Data
Rs. 58Same as Existing Plan3GB Data
Rs. 98Same as Existing Plan5GB Data, Wynk Music Premium
Rs. 108Same as Existing Plan 6GB Data, Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition, Free Hellotunes and Wynk Music Free
Rs. 118Same as Existing Plan 12GB Data
Rs. 148Same as Existing Plan 15GB Data, Airtel Xstream Mobile Pack
Rs. 301Same as Existing Plan 50GB Data, Wynk Music Premium

Rs. 19 Airtel Data Plan

The Rs. 19 Airtel Data Plan is the cheapest plan on this list. It offers 1GB of data to its subscriber and lasts for an entire day to use up.

Rs. 58 Airtel Data Plan

The table above shows that the Rs. 58 data plan is the second most affordable in the Airtel Recharge Plans list. This plan offers a total of 3GB of data. Moreover, you will be charged 50p/MB once the plan is over.

Rs. 98 Airtel Data Plan

Next up is the Rs. 98 Airtel Data pack. This plan offers 2GB more data than the Rs. 58 plan. So, in total, we get 5GB of data to work with. Like the Rs. 58 plan, this particular plan uses your existing plan’s validity as its very own validity. So, as long as your current plan is active, this plan will be active as well.

Besides, once you have consumed the 5GB of data, you will be charged 50p/MB. Additionally, you also get Wynk Music Premium for free along with this plan.

Rs. 108 Airtel Data Plan

The Rs. 108 plan offers a total of 6GB of data. This is 1GB more than the Rs. 98 plan, at an extra Rs. 10. So, in total, we get 6GB of data to use. Just like the previous two plans, the validity of the Rs. 108 Airtel Data pack is the same as your existing pack’s validity. Furthermore, upon using the data, you will be charged 50p/MB, the same as the other plans.

In addition, this plan also offers Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition for 30 Days. It does not end there. Buyers of this particular plan also get Free Hellotunes and Wynk Music free as well.

Rs. 118 Airtel Data Plan

From 6GB of data at Rs. 108, we get double the data at Rs. 118. Yes, subscribers of this Airtel Data recharge pack will be getting 12GB of data by paying just Rs. 10 extra, which is pretty economical. Just like the previous three plans by Airtel, this one has a validity that is based on your current active plan’s validity.

Furthermore, like the other options in this Airtel recharge plans list, you will be charged 50p/MB upon using up the data. However, unlike the Rs. 108 recharge plan, you do not get any of the additional benefits like Amazon Prime Video Mobile Edition, Wynk Music Free or Hellotunes.

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Rs. 148 Airtel Data Plan

Now, a step up from the Rs. 118 recharge plan, we get to see an Rs. 148 plan. However, this particular plan offers just 3GB more than the Rs. 118 data plan offers. The reason this plan costs so much more for just offering 3GB extra is because of its added benefit.

In addition to the total 15GB of data, you are also getting a complimentary Airtel Xstream Mobile Pack. The mobile pack offers 30 days access to any one of the select Xstream channels. Furthermore, these include Hoichoi, ErosNow and ManoramaMax at no extra cost.

Apart from that, the validity of the plan is based on your current active plan’s validity, the same as the other plans in the list. Above all you will be charged 50p/MB once you consume the entire data.

Rs. 301 Airtel Data Plan

The Rs. 301 option in this Airtel Data Recharge Plans list is the costliest of the lot. It also offers a whole lot of data to work with as well. It offers a whopping 50GB of data, which is more than triple what you are getting upon paying Rs. 148.

In addition, buyers of this Airtel data pack will also get access to Wynk Music Premium for free. As a result, like all the other five plans on this list, you will be charged 50p/MB upon consumption of the 50GB of data.

Airtel Data Plans: How to Recharge?

In case you are wondering how to quite possibly recharge with these data plans, it just takes a few easy steps:

Step 1: Head over to the official Airtel Prepaid Recharge Plans website or download and install the Airtel Thanks mobile app from the Google Play Store or App Store.

Step 2: In here, under the ‘Data Plans’ section, all the plans have been listed.

Step 3: Then, tap or click on the plan’s price. You will be redirected to the next page. Here, enter your mobile number and press enter or click on next.

Step 4: Select your payment mode and finally, you have successfully recharged with your desired Airtel Data Recharge Plan!

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About Airtel Recharge Plans

Bharti Airtel Limited is a primary telecommunications provider with a global brand name. Moreover, Airtel serves about 20 countries in Asia and Africa. Providing the most cost-effective recharge options while providing the most advantages One of India’s most popular telecommunications companies, Airtel, is based in Delhi. We’ve gathered a list of the top Airtel Data Plan offers for your convenience. Here was the comprehensive overview of all currently available Airtel plans in the Delhi NCR area and recharge options for additional cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Haryana, and Chennai. You can easily choose the plan that best suits your needs using the essential criteria.

For the latest smartphone news, stay tuned to Cashify. We also allow you to compare mobile phones to find out the better phone before buying.

This article primarily focuses on data plans by Airtel and we certainly do hope that the list comes in handy for you to make your desired choice. With these plans, stop running out of internet when you need it the most.


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