Will OnePlus 9R discontinue after OnePlus 9RT launch in India?

- Updated: 16th Dec 2021, 01:47 IST

OnePlus 9RT launched in China under Rs 40,000, and it is expected to arrive in India at around Rs 45,000. Should OnePlus discontinue the OnePlus 9R in India? Well, we have some thoughts on the same.

  1. Snapdragon 870 – More power efficient processor than Snapdragon 888. We all have been hearing about that 888 heats up device and isn’t power efficient compared to 870. Which is why some brands are still launching phones with 870 even this late in 2021, For example, Realme GT Neo 2 with SD870 launched recently. 
  2. Natural Camera – OnePlus 9R offers a natural camera output. We must have tested this phone a thousand times in the last 6 months and more. And made 15-20 videos of this phone. And we came to conclusion that the camera on this phone is for hardcore fans who likes true to source photography. Now the OnePlus 9RT camera is supposed to be of Nord 2’s setup. And we all know after doing Nord 2’s camera comparison with 9R previously that it over saturates the colours. Meaning it boosts the colours and that may not be everyone’s cup of tea. 
  3. OxygenOS over ColorOS: After the whole merger news of OnePlus under OPPO banner, many must have been disappointed. It might be even a deal breaker for some to see colorOS elements on a OnePlus smartphone. Despite the fact that Nord 2 has received good feedback from its users and even us regarding ColorOS, it might not be the time to say goodbye to OxygenOS. And for that reason I’d like 9R to be continued. 

OnePlus should not replace the 9R, because over the past months it has made a special place among smartphone buyers with a budget of around Rs 40K. Some of them had bad experiences, but most of them have had fantastic experiences. We learnt that from our lovely audience, who are quite interactive with us.


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Highlights of the Story

  • OnePlus 9RT launched in China.
  • It comes with Snapdragon 888.
  • Will the OnePlus 9R discontinue after this launch?

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