Top 5 Most Expensive Phones In The World

- Updated: 4th Nov 2022, 16:35 IST

All the smartphone lovers out there are well aware of the popular and Most Expensive Phones in the World – the smartphones available in the market. But, besides these brands, there are other brands too which try to catch up with some of the best new-generation flagship smartphones like Galaxy S20 Ultra.

The highest and the Most Expensive Phone in the World variant of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is priced at a whopping Rs. 1,00,000+. Most of us may find it extremely expensive; it seems that this price tag is nothing in front of the most expensive luxurious phones in the world with gold finishing and diamond implants. And for one of the richest and most powerful billionaires of the world, owning a smartphone is more about the rarity and precious gems than its specifications and performance.

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So here, presenting to you the five most expensive phones in the world:

1. Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Pure Gold

Caviar iPhone 12 Pro Pure Gold

One of the most expensive phones in the world, only 7 limited editions are manufactured of the Caviar iPhone 12 Pro, priced at a whopping $122,000, which is around 90 lakhs of the worth of Indian currency. And the taxes and duties levied on it will definitely increase its price in India.

TheMost Expensive Phones in the World tag is totally justified as the phone is covered in 18-carat pure gold along with diamond embellishments. The internal hardware of Caviar is the same as the regular iPhone 12 Pro while making it an ideal choice for people who wish to splurge on the latest technology along with that luxury feel. However, considering its heavy price tag, it will still take time to sell all the 7 units that are built.

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2. Galaxy S21 Ultra 

Most Expensive Phones in the World: Galaxy S21 Ultra

Another super expensive smartphone launched by Caviar is the Galaxy S21 Ultra Caviar Edition. The limited-edition high-end smartphone has been released in 5 luxurious variants studded with gold, diamonds, titanium, and pure leather. The Samsung S21 Ultra Gold Ox is the most expensive and lavish of all the five variants manufactured. 

The back of this luxury Samsung S21 ultra is made of titanium and features a 3-dimensional ox’s head of gold which also has a massive nose ring. Also, the eyes of the fox are studded with two shiny diamonds, which makes it appear more extravagant. The 128GB model of this phone is priced at $20,000 or Rs. 14.5 lakhs.

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3. Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Most Expensive Phones in the World: Diamond Crypto Smartphone

Another one of the costliest and Most Expensive Phones in the World available is the Diamond Crypto Smartphone made by a Russian firm called JSC Ancort in collaboration with an Austrian jeweller Peter Alisson. As the name suggests, this Nokia Classic E51’s look-alike has 50 diamonds along its edges with five blue diamonds on each edge. It has a platinum body, while the navigation keys and the logo have 18-carat gold and costs Rs 9.3 crore. The phone features high levels of local encryption as it was mainly built for Russian tycoons who are more worried about security.

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4. Goldvish Le Million

Goldvish Le Million

Goldvish Le Million is another super expensive phone built by a Swedish company called Goldvish and costs Rs 7.7 crore. In 2006, this phone was officially announced by Guinness as the most expensive phone in the world. Only three pieces of this smartphone have been ever made, so whoever bought them is truly the richest and most powerful out there. The Le Million has an 18-carat gold body embellished with 1,20000 diamond pieces as well as a genuine leatherback.

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5. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Most Expensive Phones in the World: 
Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

With only three limited-edition units, Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot costs 7.1 crores. While the look of Le Million looks quite different from the current trend of smartphones, the Jackpot has a more elite and modern appearance. The front of this beauty features various black diamonds weighing 45.5 carats. The frame of the smartphone has 180 grams of gold, while the back is furnished with 200 years-aged African blackwoods. Not just this, the keys of this phone are genuine sapphires, each of which is carefully polished and laser etched with minute detailing. The weight of all the sapphires is 32 carats.

Most Expensive Smartphone in The World: GoldPhone

Another Most Expensive Phone in the World is Gold phone by Caviar is the most expensive smartphone in the world, which is made from Gold of the purest 999.9 standards (24 Carat). The device costs about $170,000 (Rs. 1,26,56,000). This is the special limited edition iPhone 12 Pro with a 1kg pure gold coating. The overall specification of the device remains the same as the standard iPhone 12 Pro, and the rear cameras are hidden inside the gold casing and are not accessible.

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The list mentioned above is currently the most expensive phone in the world. Although, there are few other smartphones, too, with sky-rocketing prices. For instance, Vertu Signature Cobra is one such ruby-encrusted smartphone.

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