Top 5 Games For Your Kids on an iPhone!

- Updated: 4th Nov 2022, 16:34 IST
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    Top 5 Games For Your Kids on an iPhone!
    • Angry Birds 2:
    • Hot Wheels Race Off:
    • The Room Three:
    • Minion Rush:
    • Fruit Ninja:

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As kids begin to grow up, they seek more attention from their parents, and if this the same case with you you may be tired finding ways to keep your kid busy in some of the other manners may it be via smartphone games or outdoor activities. A smartphone can make the future of a child if used in the proper manner or ruin a life if used extensively without any reason. The best games are the ones that encourage a child’s thinking abilities, takes the complete use of their mind and challenges them extensively.

So, to help you choose from the best games for your kids on your iPhone from the App Store and save your time, we have prepared this list of the Best 5 games for your kids on the iPhone.

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Top 5 Games For Your Kids on an iPhone!

Angry Birds 2:

Angry Birds 2

One of the oldest and most popular game, that a kid of any age could play. The game has simple controls and aims that a child could understand easily. The animation and the colours look great making it for a completely immersive experience. The aim is to destroy the enemy piggies by shooting them with angry birds, unlocking new levels and different types of birds with new skills.

As an additional bonus, if your child completes all the levels of the game, the provider also offers several more games with this series. While most of them are free, they also come in premium versions. So make sure that your child doesn’t unintentionally make purchases.

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Hot Wheels Race Off:

Best iphone games: Hot Wheels Race Off

If your child is a fan of racing or has an interest in automobiles like cars, this is the game for him, this amazing game named as Hot Wheels Race Off, is a single and multiplayer game that allows a user to race on more than 60+ race tracks over the globe. The kid can try and experiment out new cars and maps giving him and exposure to new games.

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This game also comes with a multiplayer mode, where a kid can play and compete with his friends in real-time, or he can even play alone in the single-player mode. The game has been well built and has excellent graphics along with animation, One can give this game a sure shot try if he has free time.

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The Room Three:

Best iphone games: The Room Three

Thia is one of the best-paid games available on App Store for iPhones. The Room Three is a thriller game, where at the start the character starts his journey in a train, the lights go off and next day the character wakes up in a haunted castle and gets a note from a craftsmen, the story revolves around getting out from the castle.

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At the very beginning, the player will need to spend hours on swiping and exploring the dungeon. The child will need to use his brain’s puzzle-solving capabilities and will tend to flex their brain muscles as a part of thinking. Overall, if one understands the game and is interested, this comes out to be one of the top games for a child.

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Minion Rush:

Minion Rush

Similar to the famous Subway Surfers, this new game based on Minion Characters is truly exciting and entertaining. It similar to a sprint or a racing game where the player controls his character by swiping his screen either left or right or up and down, players can also use powerups or even upgrade the tools.

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Your child will have fun passing over the streets of the places shown in the Despicable Movies, make new high scores, break records and challenge people over the globe. The game also offers multiple costumes for your child to choose from based on his preferences. With gaining over more than 50,000 ratings on the App Store, Minion Rush is one of the best time passing games that a kid would love to play on.

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Fruit Ninja:

Fruit Ninja

Converting your child’s finger into a virtual sword, Fruit Ninja is one of the biggest Fruit Slicing Games in the world. Players need to chop the fruits using their fingers and try to get a combo by slicing multiple fruits at a single attempt without lifting the finger from the screen. Players can choose from different modes such as Time-Limited Mode, Unlimited and a lot more.

In addition, a player can also unlock new blades which have different skin and special abilities to slice the fruits, this is unlocked by progressing through the challenges and collecting a high score. This game also features a multiplayer mode, where two players can sit on opposite ends of the screen and challenge each other directly. Overall, one of the most interesting and fun games available on the market for free.

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This was our list of the Top 5 Best Games for your Kids on an iPhone. If this guide helped you make sure to share this article and leave a comment down below. Also, we will recommend you to keep your child busy with outdoor activities other than smartphone games.
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