The Best Repair For Realme 3’s Battery Is Here!

- Updated: 31st May 2023, 11:16 IST
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    1. Cashify’s Doorstep Repair Service
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    2. Realme’s Service Centre
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The Realme 3 is a superb smartphone that provides excellent performance for daily use. It boasts a modern style and an expansive, vivid display that makes it ideal for watching films and using the Internet. The phone operates without lag because of its strong processor and lots of RAM, which let you multitask without experiencing any lag. It also boasts an excellent camera that takes images that are crisp and colourful.

With a long-lasting battery, you can enjoy using the phone throughout the day without worrying about running out of power. But what if the battery starts draining too fast all of a sudden? Well, any phone can face this problem. We have listed down two of the very best solutions for fixing your Realme 3’s battery life.

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1. Cashify’s Doorstep Repair Service

Cashify not only provides you with a seamless shopping experience but assists you post that too. In case the battery of your Realme 3 is facing battery issues follow these easy steps.

  1. Visit the Cashify mobile repair site.
  2. Create your account on the Cashify app and you’re set to go.
  3. Choose the Realme option from the dropdown of smartphone brands.
  4. Select the model of the phone.
  5. In this case, go to Realme 3 and select the colour of your phone.
  6. On the Realme repair option, choose the option of battery repair.
  7. You’ll be delighted to know it costs only Rs.999.
  8. Choose the option and schedule a visit.
  9. A Cashify representative will visit you in a few days and fix your phone.

With Cashify’s repair service, you get a seamless experience along with a return window and product warranty. Moreover, the phone will be repaired in front of you.

2. Realme’s Service Centre

Another good option for getting your phone repaired can be the Realme service centre. You can stay assured that the work is high quality and the product is genuine. However, there might be a few cons of this.

  1. Getting the service of “Realme 3 repair” from a service centre may be more expensive and time taking because most manufacturers’ services are expensive.
  2. You might also have to submit your phone at the service centre for a few days, which might hamper your work.
  3. A battery repair for the Realme 3 costs Rs. 1249, which is way more than what Cashify offers to you.

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Any device’s battery is unquestionably its vital component. The Realme service centre method could take time, but Cashify fixes your gadget for a lower price, in lesser time and with your presence. The smarter course must be chosen.


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