Promate Technologies: Everything You Should Know About The Power Bank Brand!

- Updated: 14th Dec 2023, 12:19 IST
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    What To Know About Promate Technologies?
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    What Is Special About Promate Technologies Power Banks?
    • Upto Five-in-One Charging Capacity:
    • Super Charging Capacity
    • Has Function for Charging Up with Solar Power:
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    Sale On Amazon Starts December 15!
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    Top Five Power Banks from Promate Technologies!
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    Most Asked Questions About Promate Technologies!
    • In which Year was Promate Technologies founded?
    • What is the warranty on Promate products?
    • What is the playtime on the Promate Falcon wireless neckband?
    • How many devices can you charge simultaneously with the Promate GaNPort4-100PD charger?
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In an era where technology is the heartbeat of progress and competition in the tech industry is soaring, Promate Technologies stands as the global leader, surpassing many top brands. At some point, you must have come across the name when looking for cool tech gadgets or mobile accessories. They are especially known for their power banks. But what makes them stand out in the crowd? We may have an answer to that!

Let’s explore this brand in the article and learn about the best electronic products and power banks they offer in the Indian market.

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What To Know About Promate Technologies?

Promate Technologies

This is a Taiwan-based brand mainly prominent in the global market with 90+ million units spread across 150+ countries. Developed by visionary giants like Asus, Foxconn, and Pegatron, Promate Technologies has garnered popularity for its innovative lifestyle accessory products. Rightly, so as they have a philosophy of ‘first in the market’. This commitment has driven the brand to bring a touch of innovation to their smartwatches, fast-charging power banks, Type C Hubs with Multi Streaming Transport, TWS, and neckbands. Now it’s entering into the Indian market with the title of ‘World’s Leading Lifestyle Technology Brand‘.

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What Is Special About Promate Technologies Power Banks?

Promate technologies power banks

Here are the things that make these power banks the best in the market:

Upto Five-in-One Charging Capacity:

Imagine being able to charge up your smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch all together through one power Bank. Promate power banks offer a comprehensive charging solution, supporting multiple devices simultaneously. This versatility ensures that users can power up their gadgets efficiently without the hassle of carrying multiple chargers and also makes things more organised.

Super Charging Capacity:

One standout feature of Promate Technologies’ power banks is their impressive charging capacity. Thanks to smart chipsets like GaN, it reduces heating tendency and provides a more efficient charging experience. Their AC/DC charging ports can even power up laptops! This capability positions Promate as a go-to brand for those seeking a universal charging solution for all their devices.

Has Function for Charging Up with Solar Power:

Embracing sustainable energy solutions, Promate Technologies incorporates a solar charging function in some of its power banks. This eco-friendly feature allows users to harness the power of the sun, ensuring uninterrupted charging even in outdoor settings. It also has other smart features like an LCD Display.

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Sale On Amazon Starts December 15!

The good news is that earlier this year, they planned to launch more than a hundred mobile accessories in the Indian market. The better news is that they will start their year-end sale on Amazon on December 15, 2023. Get your hands on some of their most excellent launches.

Five-in-One MagSafe compatible wireless charging power bank– 15W MagSafe
– Airpods Fast Wireless Charging
– Apple Watch Wireless Charging
ANC TWS Earphones with Intellitouch– True Wireless Stereo
– Intelli Touch Control
– 25 Hours Playback Time
– Active Noise Cancellation
Three-in-One Foldable Magsafe Wireless Charging Station– Integrated Magnetic Charger
– Fast Charging
– Case Compatible
Ultra Slim 15W MagSafe Charging Station– Ultra Compact
– Aluminium Crafter Design
– Strong magnetic Hold

Top Five Power Banks from Promate Technologies!

Check out some of the best power banks from Promate Technologies that are currently available in the Indian market. All of these power banks are universal. They are compatible with iPhone & Android smartphones, MacBook & Type-C Laptops.

Product NameDescriptionPrice (INR)Buying Link
Promate PowerPort-33 GaNFast ChargerCompact 33W PD Adapter, Multi-Device Charging, Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 & PD 3.0, GaNFast Technology1,715Buy Now
Promate 60W USB-C Car ChargerSuper-Fast Type-C Power Delivery Car Charger with 18W Quick Charge 3.0 USB Port, Over Charging Protection1,659Buy Now
Promate GaNPort4-100PD USB-C 100W ChargerGaNFast Technology Dual Type-C Laptop Charger with 20W PD USB-C and 18W QC 3.0 Port, in & EU Plugs.6,999Buy Now
Promate PowerPort-65 Dual USB-C 65W GaN ChargerCompact USB Type-C Fast Charger, GaNFast Type-C Cable2,973Buy Now

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Most Asked Questions About Promate Technologies!

Now let’s talk about the most frequent questions and get to know more about the brand.

In which Year was Promate Technologies founded?

Promate Technologies started its journey in 2004, becoming a big player in the tech accessory world. Over the past twenty years, they’ve been like the trendsetter in tech, always coming up with new and trendy stuff, like the Solar Power banks. They are the go-to brand for all things techy and innovative.

What is the warranty on Promate products?

Totally! So, when you get something from Promate Technologies, you’re covered by a two-year warranty. It’s like a guarantee that they’ve got your back if anything goes wrong with your product.

What is the playtime on the Promate Falcon wireless neckband?

The Promate Falcon wireless neckband is like your on-the-go audio companion. You can enjoy your favourite songs or dive into podcasts for a solid 12 hours without any interruptions. Whether travelling, working out, or just strolling around, this wireless neckband keeps your music game strong all day.

How many devices can you charge simultaneously with the Promate GaNPort4-100PD charger?

The Promate GaNPort4-100PD charger is a cool gadget that lets you charge up to four devices at the same time. So, if you have your phone, tablet, laptop, and maybe even a smartwatch all running low on battery, this charger has got you covered.

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In the end, it’s not wrong to say that Promate Technologies is a trendsetter in their field. With innovative products with amazing quality being introduced in the market every month, this brand has earned a name for itself. If you want to explore their product range, you can do so by visiting their website. They have a huge product range, and depending on your needs and budget, you can choose the best for yourself.

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