Clash Of Clans Dragon Festival: How To Participate & All Rewards

- Updated: 15th Feb 2024, 17:20 IST
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    Clash of Clans Dragon Festival Event: How To Earn Medals
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    COC Dragon Festival: All Rewards

A brand new event is available in Clash of Clans (COC) to celebrate the Lunar New Year. This Dragon Festival event in Clash of Clans offers several rewards, including various troops, medals, and ores.

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You can earn Dragon Medals during the event, which you can exchange for better rewards at the Trader. Here is everything you need to know about this Clash of Clans Dragon Festival event, which will be live from February 8 until February 22, 2024.

Clash of Clans Dragon Festival Event: How To Earn Medals

How To Earn Dragon Medals In Clash of Clans

To earn Dragon Medals during the Clash of Clans event, you must perform attacks in the multiplayer mode. The more battles you wage in the Home Village, the more Red Envelopes you will receive from the Dragon Pinata.

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Furthermore, unlike resources such as Gold or Elixir, these medals are stored inside various defence structures. During battles, you must attack these buildings, such as the Grand Warden’s Altar or Clan Castle, to accumulate more medals.

You will earn various rewards by progressing into the Clash of Clans Dragon Festival event, such as training boosts and Dragon Medals. Unfortunately, free-to-play players can earn only 3,100 Dragon Medals, while Event Pass buyers can collect more than 5,000 medals.

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The Event Pass costs $4.49 or Rs.449, so if you want to buy it, make sure to make the most of it. All Event Pass owners receive 1,000 Red Envelopes apart from bonus envelopes after claiming all rewards. These Red Envelopes can be exchanged with the Trader to redeem even more fantastic rewards.

COC Dragon Festival: All Rewards

Clash of Clans Dragon Festival All Rewards

There are a total of 24 tiers in the Dragon Festival event and 12 bonus tiers that unlock once you reach the end of the reward track. Here is the complete list of all the rewards that both event pass owners and free players can claim during the Dragon Festival event in Clash of Clans:

Tier LevelFree RewardEvent Pass Reward
100100 Dragon Medals20 Glowy Ore
30015% Training Boost500 Dragon Medals
6001000 Shiny Ore20 Glowy Ore
1,000Firecracker Temp Troop1050 Dragon Medals
1,500150 Dragon Medals30 Glowy Ore
2,00030% Training Boost500 Dragon Medals
2,5001200 Shiny Ore30 Glowy Ore
3,000Azure Dragon Temp Troop1050 Dragon Medals
3,500350 Dragon Medals40 Glowy Ore
4,00015 Glowy Ore500 Dragon Medals
4,7501300 Shiny Ore40 Glowy Ore
5,50015 Glowy Ore10 Starry Ore
6,250400 Dragon Medals60 Glowy Ore
7,00030 Glowy OreBaby Dragon Statue
7,7501500 Shiny Ore60 Glowy Ore
8,500100 Glowy Ore15 Starry Ore
9,250450 Dragon Medals70 Glowy Ore
10,00045 Glowy Ore600 Dragon Medals
11,000500 Dragon Medals70 Glowy Ore
12,000150 Glowy Ore20 Starry Ore
13,000550 Dragon Medals80 Glowy Ore
14,00045 Glowy Ore800 Dragon Medals
15,000600 Dragon Medals80 Glowy Ore
16,000Dragon Pinata Decoration35 Starry Ore

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Highlights of the Story

  • The Clash of Clans Dragon Festival event is live from February 8 to February 22.
  • Players can earn various rewards during this event by collecting Red Envelopes and Dragon Medals.
  • To collect red envelopes, players will need to attack enemy bases in the multiplayer mode.