Know The Name Of Unknown Caller On Phone With The New TRAI Measure

- Updated: 18th Nov 2022, 19:46 IST
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    Know The Name Of Unknown Caller On Your Phone
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    How to know the name of unknown caller on phone?
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    How can we check the name of the caller using an app?
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    Final Words: Measure To Know The Name Of Unknown Caller On Phone

In a recent slew of measures, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) is expected to roll out a feature where you can know the name of an unknown caller on the phone. While earlier it was nearly impossible to know details about the unknown caller, there are different software these days that help you with it.

Almost all of us may have faced problems emanating from an unknown phone call. It is one of the probable areas where technology disgruntles us in the worst possible way. Imagine yourself sneaking into your bed after a long hectic day at work. However, you have constantly been getting calls from unknown numbers. Even as you block one, you start getting calls from the other one. Even though you do not want to change the mode to ‘silent’, you have no other option left. Here, you can miss out on important calls. The case study here is really long. There are multiple case scenarios where these unknown callers have added to frustration! But we have a cure now!

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Know The Name Of Unknown Caller On Your Phone

With the new set of measures expected to be rolled out by the nodal authority of telecommunication in India, TRAI, the problem of unknown calling is going to reduce in the coming time. As per the speculation-making round, TRAI and DoT are soon going to launch the measure to ensure the safety and convenience of the consumers. If you get a call from an unknown number, expect their name to get flashed on the screen too! This was earlier possible only for those contacts whose number was saved on your phone. Besides, using the third part software such as Truecaller, you could simply check the name associated with a phone number. However, they were based on other user data and not official data. Hence, the data was considered to be 100 per cent genuine.

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How to know the name of unknown caller on phone?

To understand the process of knowing the name of an unknown caller on phone, you must first grasp that it is more of an internal process at the end of the telecom operator.

Your telecom operators will source the data using Know Your Customer (KYC) details collected at the time of issuing SIM cards. Here, the name associated with a given phone number is deemed to be of the same person in whose name the SIM was issued. This makes anomalies in data really less. Besides, it is expected that the number of fake and phishing calls will also decrease.

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How can we check the name of the caller using an app?

Even in the absence of the te-to-be-released measure, one could check the name of any unknown caller. However, this would be possible only via third part software like Truecaller. The calling and tracking application has been extensively used on many mobile phones across the country to identify callers or their organisations.

To check the name of the caller using Truecaller, follow the given steps

  1. Download the Truecaller app from Play Store on Android or App Store using iOS.
  2. Next, register your phone number and contact name (that you want to display from your profile).
  3. To know the name of unknown caller on phone using this app, copy the number. Go to the Truecaller app and paste the number on the search box on the dashboard.
  4. After the search, you will get a name associated with this number. Sometimes, when the number has been repeatedly reported as spam, the same gets displayed to you along with the contact name.

However, these data are heap-sourced and may not resemble the original user. Let’s assume your name is Raj, and while saving the phone number on your other phone, you save it using the name Satish. So, when someone searches your name using Truecaller, it showcases Satish. Thereby, it is not real. With KYC, this is not the case.

Alternatively, there is one more end-to-end option that may address your problem. That is blocking the unknown number.

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Final Words: Measure To Know The Name Of Unknown Caller On Phone

Telecom operators will have to make the right amount of checks from their end to ensure that the SIM card is given to the person with the same name ID card. The lackadaisical attitude of authorities to meet the sales targets would reduce to minimum post such measure. Blocking, as an option, is not preferred by people to avoid missing any important call in future.

However, the new measure will ensure that even without blocking, you can understand the user’s identity. Or you only block the one that is needed. With good intentions and hope, this measure by TRAI will really make the life of consumers quite easier. The process to know the name of unknown caller on phone will not be a hassle anymore with this.

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Highlights of the Story

  • Unknown calls may add to the frustration of telecom users who are burdened not only by phishing calls these days but also by leaked information.
  • To deal with the crisis, TRAI is expected to roll out a new regulation soon for telecom operators.
  • This will help users to know the name of unknown caller on phone. Here’s more about it.

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