Is It Safe to Sell Your Old Phone Online? Important Things To Keep In Mind

- Updated: 8th Dec 2021, 00:15 IST

In the past few years, the frequency at which smartphone brands are launching smartphones is crazy! Anytime a new smartphone arrives you get the urge to buy it and upgrade your current smartphone. Considering all the new additions in features they market for their new launch. However, once you have decided to upgrade you can sell your old phone on online platforms that provide the best value for your smartphone and you can use that money to buy a new smartphone.

But there’s one hurdle, you are not an expert salesman. Don’t worry; you need not be one to sell a phone to get its best price. There are a lot of online platforms where you can showcase your phone and wait to get the best offers. 

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Many of us have doubts about whether selling a phone online is the right thing to do or not. It’s not always the case where you have a negative experience selling a phone online, but just to be safe, here are a few risks and how you can protect yourself against them:

1. Data Security

wipe your phone beforehand

When it comes to Android phones, they don’t have much secure way to delete data. Even if you reset the phone, there are still chances that your data can be recovered. Any person with some technical know-how can recover the data.

So before you go out and sell your phone just after formatting, try loading it with random images, music, and videos. After that, you can perform a factory reset on the phone. You can do this procedure as many times as you want to. The process removes your old data, and even if someone accesses your data, all they get on their hands is some random images and videos. 

In case you are selling an iPhone, you can simply navigate to “Settings > General > Reset > Erase all Content & Settings” and by doing so everything on your smartphone will be completely erased including media files, calls logs, messages etc.

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2. Be Transparent

Be transparent while selling the device

If the smartphone that you are selling has some hardware/software issues, be straightforward with the buyer and inform the buyer about these issues. Believe it or not, it gives you a better chance to sell your phone, and the buyer doesn’t feel cheated later on.

Also, when you interact with the buyer, take some time and explain to them what special features are in your phone and what functions it does better. While some may be tech enthusiasts, not everyone will be updated with the latest technology. 

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3. Timing is essential

If you decide to sell your old phone, be quick about getting the word out. The smartphone market moves pretty quickly these days; flagship launched today with a premium price tag might not worth that much even after a month’s use. So the longer you’ll wait, the longer your phone’s value will deteriorate.

The best way to go with this is to sell the phone as soon as you hear any news about the next-generation model’s launch. So as soon as you start hearing any rumors about the next-gen device, sell your old phone and use your secondary smartphone (if you have one) for a while. This way, you can use the latest device as soon as it launches. You’ll also get a better price for your old smartphone with this method. 

4. Personal Safety

In case you are selling the phone through websites like OLX and have to meet the buyer in person, make sure you take all the safety measures. There are some stories where the exchange did not turn out to be good for the seller. But don’t let this stop you from your goal. Here are a few precautions that you can take.

  1. Ensure that the location you are choosing is safe, like a public area, and meet in the daytime.
  2. Insist on meeting in busy hours like 1 PM to 6 PM.
  3. Let your partner or close friends know about your meeting and if possible ask them to accompany you.

5. Stay away from too eager buyers

If a seller appears too eager to buy the phone even without even examining it in person. A buyer like that turns out most times to be fraudsters. They may even try and convince you by providing you fake IDs or promising to pay in advance to establish trust.

Do beware of such buyers. Make sure that you do not click on any links, QR codes, or enter your UPI pin while receiving payments. Always receive the money in person and then hand over the phone; this works best for everyone. 

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6. Do not share any sensitive information

Keep your details safe while selling online

When selling your old phone, make sure that the invoice you share with the buyer does not have your private information like a home address and phone number. Make sure to get it redacted to prevent any misuse of the information. 

In case you need to provide any identity proof such as your Aadhar card or PAN card details, make sure the personal details are redacted from them and add the purpose for which the documents are to be shared on the copy only. This limits the ways through which the documents can be misused.

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How Cashify can be a great place to sell your old phone?

Sell Your Old Phone on Cashify

Cashify is probably the best website to sell your phone which is safe, convenient, and offers the best value for money. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps, and you can sell the phone without even leaving your home. You just have to register on the website and choose your model. Once picked up you then receive the money on spot in your bank account. The platform grades your device based on its condition and later puts it up for sale as a refurbished device.

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For the latest smartphone news, stay tuned to Cashify. We also allow you to compare mobile phones so you can find out the better phone before buying.


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Highlights of the Story

  • Selling your old smartphone for a good resale value can be sometimes tough and online platforms such as Cashify provide the best value for money.
  • In case you are looking out to sell your old smartphone online make sure to keep a note of things mentioned in the article.
  • These checks will make sure to keep you safe and get the maximum value for your old smartphone