How To Use ChatGPT For Free Without Phone Number

- Updated: 25th Feb 2024, 01:21 IST
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    How To Use ChatGPT For Free Without Phone Number
    • Why ChatGPT Requires Your Phone Number?
    • How To Use ChatGPT Free Without Phone Number?
    • Use a Virtual Phone Number
    • Use A Private Number
    • Go Alternative With Google Gemini
    • Try Microsoft Bing CoPilot
    • Use WhatsApp For Verification
    • Join Reddit ChatGPT Discord Channel

ChatGPT from OpenAI became one of the most popular generative AI models that we have ever seen. It is a great tool if you learn the specific prompts allowing you to do a wide range of tasks. All you need is to register on OpenAI ChatGPT’s website using your phone number as verification but that’s where some people notice the red flag. 

Why does ChatGPT require your phone number? Isn’t it sort of breaching your data since the phone numbers it collects can be misused? All these questions lead users to find ways to use ChatGPT for free without providing a phone number. Fortunately, there are ways you can do it. Let’s explore ‘em.

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How To Use ChatGPT For Free Without Phone Number

Before we start our guide on how to use ChatGPT without a phone number. Let’s first understand why ChatGPT requires all users to authenticate using a phone number.

Why ChatGPT Requires Your Phone Number?

Before bypassing ChatGPT’s phone number verification, here are a few things you need to know about why ChatGPT requires your phone number in the first place. 

It authenticates real users from robots

Use ChatGPT For Free Without Phone Number

A phone number verification allows ChatGPT to identify between an actual user and a bot. As cyber attackers and hackers are always on the lookout to exploit systems i.e. ChatGPT (in this context), a phone verification reduces the instances of fraudulent behaviour. Moreover, it restricts elements from using your number to create fake accounts on the platform providing optimum security.

Prevents Abuse

A casual user would install ChatGPT (or visit the website) to find information, scour through the vast expanse of the net, and so on. However, people or bots might use ChatGPT as a platform to spread fake information, spam, and engage in harmful behaviour. As ChatGPT is a generative AI, it learns from users’ prompts and conversations which means if done right, these foreign elements could potentially float harmful or fake information on the internet. 

Now that the basics of why ChatGPT requires your phone number are clear, let’s explore how you can bypass it.

Compliance with Regulations

OpenAI ChatGPT collects phone numbers for verification to comply with user protection and regulations. The terms can be different from country to country, however, it all boils down to data protection and privacy laws.

How To Use ChatGPT Free Without Phone Number?

Here are some methods using which you can use CharGPT without phone number.

Use a Virtual Phone Number

Use ChatGPT For Free Without Phone Number

VoIP apps and platforms offer a breakthrough in this context. You can use the temporary number without associating the account with your actual phone number. Simply search for the best VoIP providers in your region, find out if they are paid or free (incline towards paid if you don’t want ads or compromise personal data), and bingo, you have a temporary VoIP number. Use it to verify your account and there you have it. You are successfully logged in to your ChatGPT account without providing your actual phone number. Isn’t it a good idea?

Use A Private Number

Your use case may differ from others. For instance, you could be looking at a long-term association with ChatGPT to find information and research while someone else reading this guide could be simply trying it out. 

If you think you need ChatGPT for longer, I would recommend getting a SIM card with a different phone number altogether. Link the new number with your ChatGPT account and enjoy a seamless generative AI experience without worrying about any compromises or clashes in case your number is leaked since it won’t have any links to bank accounts or important government documents such as a passport or PAN card. 

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Go Alternative With Google Gemini

Google Gemini

Unless you are living under a rock, you must know that ChatGPT isn’t the only generative AI out there. Google Gemini (or Bard) is an equally powerful generative AI that lets you discover more stuff using its prowess of being connected to the internet. You can use Bard and it doesn’t require any phone number verification. The only catch is, it isn’t available worldwide so you will have to wait till it arrives in your region.

Google Gemini lets you discover trends, craft responses, code with step-by-step details, generate reports based on SQL queries, understand trading charts, and converse to refine your searches. Google Gemini is getting better as it is powered by Google’s generative AI, deep learning, and natural language processing among other features making it a perfect alternative to ChatGPT.

Check out Google Gemini

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Try Microsoft Bing CoPilot

Microsoft Bing CoPilot

Now that you are considering trying Google Gemini for a change, you can also check out Microsoft Bing CoPilot. It is a ChatGPT-like generative AI from Microsoft that doesn’t require any phone number verification. You can use a Microsoft account and several VoIPs such as Google Voice with relative ease. Moreover, it is connected to the Bing search engine giving you access to real-time information. Albeit it has limitations, I would say it is still worth a shot.

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Use WhatsApp For Verification

Okay, before you can jump on the wagon, you need to understand this method may not be accessible to all. There are certain countries where you can verify your ChatGPT account using WhatsApp such as India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Nigeria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Malaysia, Ukraine, and Turkey only (at the time of writing this). Here’s how you can leverage WhatsApp to sign in on ChatGPT.

  • First up, you need to have an account on WhatsApp.
  • Next, go to ChatGPT and sign up for a new account.
  • Enter the details, and select the country that supports WhatsApp verification. If not available, try signing up by engaging a VPN to a supported country.
  • Once you select the WhatsApp verification method, you can ask ChatGPT to “Send code via WhatsApp”.
  • Enter the code and you are good to go.

Join Reddit ChatGPT Discord Channel

If you are familiar with Discord, you can use this instead of signing up on OpenAI ChatGPT. For this, you need to create a Reddit account which is super easy. Once you have it, join r/ChatGPT (a subreddit or group) on Reddit and select the Discord tab where you will be directed to Discord to log in/sign up and accept the invite. Here, you can choose between ChatGPT-1, ChatGPT-2, Bing AI-1 and AI-2. 

Although there’s no requirement to use a phone number, this method is very limited given the fact that you get to use an outdated ChatGPT-2 instead of current-gen ChatGPT 3.5 and 4.0 available on the official website. 

Wrapping Up!

With that, we wrap up our take on how you can use OpenAI ChatGPT without providing your phone number. Of course, some of the ways mentioned above redirect you to other websites/tools, but it is still worth a try since your phone number may not be compromised. 

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Highlights of the Story

  • OpenAI ChatGPT is one of the best generative AI tools in the market today.

  • However, it requires your phone number for verification when signing up but there are some ways you can bypass it.

  • You can use a VoIP number, try a private number or use Google Gemini or Microsoft Copilot.