How To See Calculator History On iPhone

- Updated: 18th Apr 2024, 04:02 IST
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    How To View Calculator History in iPhone
    • Method 1: Copying the Last Result
    • Method 2: Resorting to Third-Party Options
    • Third-Party Apps To View Calculator History in iPhone
    • Method 3: Screen Recorder For Rescue
    • Method 4: Memory Function

Despite being one of the most used applications for a vast demographic of iOS users, the iPhone’s default Calculator app misses out on having the option to check the history, making it impossible to check previous calculations for whatever reason. This article seeks to fix this by giving you four methods to see your iPhone’s calculator history.

We’ll start off by listing out one of the app’s built-in features, which is the “Copy Last Result” and memory functions which let users quickly check out the last few calculations or entries made in the app. Another way for a more detailed analysis which will be discussed is by recording the smartphone’s screen.

Finally, the App Store also features certain third-party calculator apps which come with specific history logs, which gives a long-term solution for users who need to access previous calculations.

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How To View Calculator History in iPhone

Before we begin, it is important to note that, unlike more advanced scientific calculators, the iPhone’s built-in Calculator app seeks to advertise its lack of a history app by stating its emphasis on privacy, which, according to the Cupertino giant is achieved by not storing your calculation history. While it does allow you to see the literal last result and make use of the Memory function, most relative data remains inaccessible.

Method 1: Copying the Last Result

Copying the Last Result to view calculator history

Step 1: Look for the Calculator app on your iPhone’s Home screen or App Library.

Step 2: Hold and press on the Calculator app icon.

Step 3: In the pop-up menu that appears, you will see the option for “Copy Last Result.” This option will let you copy the last values that you had calculated to your clipboard.

Or, you can gain access to the Control Center (all you need to do is swipe down from the top-right corner). Long-pressing the Calculator tile and choosing the “Copy Last Result” function also works. This method is best for the time you need the result quickly without opening the app.

Whilst this option lets you access only the last calculation, it can be a time-saver for quick reference.

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Method 2: Resorting to Third-Party Options

Third-party apps such as “Calculator+” can provide a solution to this peculiar problem faced by iOS users.  An alternative like this, not only stores the history for your calculator but also offers certain functions missing from factory applications. Here is how you can make use of Calculator+.


Step 1: Open the “Calculator+” app and type the numericals for your calculations.

Step 2: On top of your iPhone screen, you will see the previous calculations displayed

Step 3: Swipe and scroll through this specific list to check all your recent calculations.

Step 4: To make changes to these older calculations, you can just long-press on a specific calculation within the history.

Third-Party Apps To View Calculator History in iPhone

1. Numerical²


For users who prefer an aesthetic app for their pleasure, without compromising functionality, Numerical² is the app for you. It offers an eye-catching design that makes the task of calculations a tad bit prettier. The app is not all design though, since the functions are no slouch.

The app boasts of a powerful feature that many iPhone users wish they had– the ability to save calculation history. This gets rid of the frustration of losing complex calculations or needing to re-enter values. Furthermore, Numerical² makes use of the additional functionality of iCloud. This seamless integration allows you to access your saved calculations across different devices, ensuring continuity and ease of use. Imagine starting a calculation on your iPhone and effortlessly resuming it on your iPad – Numerical² makes this a reality.

Download Numerical² from app store HERE

2. Calcularium


If you’re a power user who demands not just viewing your calculation history but the ability to perform complex calculations then the Calcularium app is a dream come true. This intelligent calculator app empowers you to view and edit your calculation history, allowing for corrections and editing of your past calculations.

This level of control ensures your past calculations remain saved and can be viewed any time you wish. Calcularium doesn’t stop there. It also allows you to create and save expressions, variables, constants, and even functions.

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This transforms Calcularium from a simple calculator into a powerful mathematical toolkit. Imagine creating a complex financial formula you use regularly. Calcularium lets you save the formula as a template for reuse, saving you time and effort. Beyond its core functionality, Calcularium caters to a broader audience by offering unit and currency conversions, making it suitable for everyday tasks involving international travel or scientific measurements. This makes Calcularium an ideal app for students, engineers, or anyone who needs a robust scientific calculator on their iPhone.

Download Calcularium from app store HERE

Method 3: Screen Recorder For Rescue

screen record on iPhone

Step 1: Open Settings > Control Center. Locate Screen Recording and tap the “+” icon next to it.

Step 2: Swipe down from the top right corner to open Control Center. Tap the round button with a dot inside (Screen Recording icon). Wait a few seconds for the recording to begin.

Step 3: Open the Calculator. Perform your calculations as usual. The screen recording will capture everything displayed on your screen.

Step 4: Once finished, return to the Control Center and tap the red recording button again.

Step 5: The recording will be saved in your Photos app. You can playback the video to see all your entered calculations.

Method 4: Memory Function

Whilst the iPhone Calculator app in itself does not feature a dedicated history function, the built-in Memory feature for the app can act as a feature useful for those insisting on carrying out complex calculations on their devices. The function lets you store results and certain values, akin to what you find on regular calculators. To use this, follow the given steps.

Memory Function on iPhone calculator app

Step 1: Launch the Calculator app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Perform your calculation just as you usually do.

Step 3: Switch to landscape mode (turn your phone to the side).

Step 4: Click and store the result: Tapping on the “m+” button allows you to add the displayed value to the calculator’s memory.

Step 5: Proceed with your calculations using other digits.

Step 6: Recall the stored value: When you wish to make further calculations and need previous calculations, tap the “mr” button to get the number stored in memory.

Here are some additional functions within this feature that can be of use to you in the long run.

“mr”: Memory Recall: Helps bring back the current value in memory.

“mc”: Memory Clear: Removes the stored value from memory.

“m+”: Memory Add: Makes an addition to the displayed number to the value in memory.

“m-“: Memory Subtract: Reduces the displayed number from the value in memory.

By remembering these Memory functions, you can easily tackle multi-step complex calculations on your iPhone.

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