Privacy is a primary concern for smartphone users worldwide. As data is becoming critical these days, protecting the one at your behest as much as possible is important. To ensure these, smartphones are introducing greater security features, which brings us to our topic of discussion on how to lock apps on Samsung.

Even though you might be handling your phone for a lot of time, you may not be aware of the increasing privacy issues. It’s not just the third-party applications from unknown sources that cause security issues, but also privacy breaches caused by human intervention. Hence, it’s always best to lock apps on your Samsung mobile phone to ensure the security of the device.

According to one of the websites named Oberlo, Samsung accounts for around 27.1 per cent of the smartphone business globally. The Korean electronic brand is a tough competition for many others within the same business. Known for its high-end quality, camera features, latest processing capabilities, and operating system, Samsung phones are a rage among audiences around the world.

Besides, as Samsung phones run on the Android operating system, they are capable of handling many apps that are generally not supported on other OS. Hence, there is greater demand for Samsung phones.

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Why do you need to lock the app?

Here are some of the reasons why you must look forward to locking the apps on your Samsung phone.

  • Ensures the security of the device
  • To keep your kids at bay from accidentally deleting official data present on the phone
  • Prevent unknown or stranger people from accessing the phone in case it’s lost
  • Lets you keep a check on any intrusive activity on the mobile phone
  • Avoids any accidental deletion of the app that may lead to loss of data

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Step-by-Step Guide On How To Lock Apps On Samsung Phone

Here’s a quick and easy-to-follow guide on how to lock apps on Samsung phone using different methodologies.

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1. Via S Secure App

S Secure App

This application was present in the earlier versions of Samsung phones. In case you own one or want to download the application, here’s a small guide on how to lock apps on Samsung.

  • Under the Lock Apps, tap Settings and provide the lock pattern to continue the process.
  • Once you enter the password, set the lock type as per your likeliness on Samsung.
  • Select Locked Apps > Add on the top right corner of the application to add the applications for enhanced security.
  • Now, you can access these apps using the password.

This is how to lock apps on Samsung using the S Secure App.

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2. Via Secure Folder

secure folder how to lock apps on Samsung

The Secure app is the internal application by Samsung that lets you lock the applications on the device without looking for the third-party interface. This app is placed on the mobile phone by default. However, it is available on UI 4 or later devices.

  • Sign in using the Samsung account credentials and tap on Settings > Biometrics and Security Reasons
  • Here, you need to select the lock method. You can lock via the pattern (medium security), PIN(medium-high security), and passwords(high security).
  • Next, you need to confirm the lock pattern to continue.
  • Your Home has the Secure Folder shortcut that you can use directly by opening it.
  • Tap Add Apps > Choose all the apps that you want to add to lock the apps. Since it is via the app, there is one copy of the app with the lock that you can access directly via the Secure application.

The other one will be outside the Secure app that is not protected.

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How to remove the lock on apps?

We do understand that you might want to unlock your Samsung device. For this, the easiest way forward is to long-press the app on which you have set the lock.

  • Tap on Settings> Biometrics and Security> Secure Folder> More Settings
  • To remove the lock, press Unlock > Unlock to confirm the process

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Synopsis: How To Lock Apps On Samsung

A recent disclosure by an internet user suggested a major security leak that exposed Samsung and other Android devices. To keep your personal data, like images, videos, documents, emails, etc., more secure, it’s excellent if you enhance the security feature. Since how to lock apps on Samsung phone is not an unanswered question anymore, it’s better to get going and secure the most vulnerable apps as soon as possible.

This will let you relax when you are away from the phone and give you a possible lead over any privacy leak concern that might be heading your way. If you have forgotten your PIN code, you can click on Forgot PIN, and that leads you to sign-in options for your Samsung account. Signing in will help you unlock the device even when you forgot the PIN.

Data is always crucial in understanding daily activities, financial status, and much other personal information related to a person. Hence, it’s better to be safe than sorry after securing the apps on your device as soon as you know about it.

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