How To Choose Your Smartphone If You Are A Selfie Lover

- Updated: 7th Apr 2020, 10:19 IST
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    Portrait Mode or Bokeh Mode
  • 3
    Group Selfie (also known as Groupie)
  • 4
    OIS (optical image stabilization)
  • 5
    Beautifying Software
  • 6
    Number of cameras
  • 7
    LED Flash
  • 8
    HDR Selfies
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What makes a phone a selfie phone, that too a great one? Is it the number of megapixels that the sensor is equipped with, the camera modes it has got? Certainly not if you are looking for the best selfie camera smartphone out there. And to add to the competition, smartphone makers are coming with different interesting features on the paper.

Although there are a lot of features for selfie cameras that didn’t work well, let’s talk about selfie innovations or features that have worked rather well. We’ll also tread across the features that don’t substantially affect the result a lot. 

Selfie mobiles are getting better and now use AI, portrait modes, Dual Cameras, and special beautification features, etc. Here are some of the major game-changers in the domain of front-facing shooters.

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Auto Focus best selfie phone cameras

Auto-Focus or AF is a big gamechanger in terms of smartphone camera evolution. As time progressed, cameras got better AF features such as PDAF or Phase Detection Auto-Focus which can focus on a subject quickly. Also, we have seen other challenging features such as Laser Auto-Focus which was a huge up before. But now with the sensors getting more advanced in terms of the size and specifications, many smartphones can quickly change the focus onto whatever you are trying to shoot.

With that being said, when you are picking a phone for selfie preferences, make sure there are enough AF features offered on the front as much as they are offered on the rear camera. Although AF came out late for the front cameras in smartphones, it was a game-changer for video preferences when it came out.

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Portrait Mode or Bokeh Mode

The portrait mode trend started out after smartphones started to implement multiple sensors on the rear. Because one sensor would help gather the depth details to enhance the blur in the background in the post-processing of the image. And ever since Google entered the picture with Pixel devices, the software was so good that it offered the best in class portrait effect with a single camera sensor onboard, thanks to the AI. Later, many smartphones followed the work and tried to implement the software blur mechanism but they are not quite up to the mark yet. And this mechanism in selfie camera is a huge plus when it comes to taking DSLR quality portraits or selfies.

Nowadays, not a lot of flagship smartphones are coming with dual-lens selfie cameras. Again, the software is playing a huge part in terms of portraits but having a secondary lens for wide-angle shots will certainly help.

Group Selfie (also known as Groupie)

Groupie Selfie

The dual-lens selfie camera trend started way before when camera-centric smartphone makers like OPPO and Vivo wanted to try to make users want quality and good looking selfies. Remember when OPPO brought out the F3 Plus which had a dedicated wide-angle selfie camera? It was hands down one of the best selfie camera smartphones in mid-range in those times.

Other manufacturers are relying on software where you can click panoramic selfies for wider frames. But ultimately, it doesn’t work as good as a secondary wide-angle lens as we are even seeing on flagships these days. But with time and updates, the software can probably do the magic too and help give screen some more space on the front.

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OIS (optical image stabilization)

This is one huge aspect that changed the camera game on smartphones. OIS or Optical Image Stabilization helps in stabilizing the sensor even when you are on the move or if your hand trembles while taking a photo or a video. This can be clearly seen in the output where you get a crisp photo.

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As important OIS is to the rear cameras, it can be equally useful for selfie cameras. With OIS, vlogging can get to the next level because you don’t have to carry heavy camera all the time. So, always look for OIS in the front camera module, if it’s not present, better skip the phone.

Beautifying Software

Smartphone makers focusing more on beautifying is no wonder because who doesn’t want to look good in a selfie? There are various phones offering features like different filters and beautification with skin tone changer, blemish removal, oil removal, and more. These features can be definitely a game changer for you if you are a selfie lover.

So, picking phones with certain beatification features will help. But again, it is not necessary because you can always resort to third-party camera applications that can help you with this.

Number of cameras

realme 5 pro cameras

As mentioned in the above aspects, multiple cameras will certainly help in providing more features but at the cost of your screen space because we don’t yet totally have an under-display camera tech yet. But the more, the better as more cameras will integrate more features into your selfie game. However, time and again, the software is getting better so all we need is a camera on the front. But still, make sure to pick the best camera software providing-smartphone to get your selfies to shine.

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LED Flash

Nowadays, with bezels getting shorter and cameras being housed in notches or punch-holes, we don’t see traditional LED flashlights. But going back a couple of years, selfie-centric smartphones used to come with LED flashlight on the front to help people take selfies in low light conditions. We now mostly see software enhancements where camera apps will glow your screen brightly to throw the light on your face to take selfies. If you think, is the light going to be sufficient? Yes, because sensors are becoming lesser in aperture numbers so that more light can enter the sensor.

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HDR Selfies

All the smartphones available in the market right now provide the HDR feature for selfies too which makes your selfie look more natural with exposure under control. So, it is always better to look for smartphones offering the HDR feature along with some great numbers in aperture and sensor.


If you are looking to click some amazing selfies, you should be able to hold the phone properly with a tight grip. It might be the situation that your hands are short to hold the large device properly in your hands. So, it is always better to look for a smaller device or you have to improvise by enabling gestures in the app which will help you click selfies without actually pressing the shutter button.

So, these are the possible and perfect aspects to look for while buying a smartphone for selfie lovers. Do not get mistaken by the higher number of megapixels but also check other numbers and features offered.


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