How is Netflix’s The Witcher Different From Witcher 3 Game?

- Updated: 3rd Dec 2021, 18:35 IST
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    Storyline – The Witcher Vs Witcher 3
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    The Witcher Vs. Witcher 3: Similar Rather than Different

The Witcher is based on the same-named fantasy series by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, but most fans in America first met Geralt of Rivia through the video game. The Witcher trilogy, developed by CD Projekt Red, is one of the most successful role-playing game series of all time, with the final edition, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, winning a slew of Game of the Year awards.

But no need to worry. Geralt remains Geralt, and if you enjoy the Witcher games, you’ll enjoy the Netflix series as well. Even so, there are a few surprises in store for fans of Ciri, Yennefer, Triss, and the rest of the cast on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. As a result, there are many similarities between the two, as well as a few differences. So, in terms of plot, characters, and other aspects, how does The Witcher show compare to The Witcher 3 game? Let us take a closer look.

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Storyline – The Witcher Vs Witcher 3

The storyline is arguably the most significant difference between The Witcher TV show and Witcher 3. The show is based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s short storey collections “The Last Wish” and “Sword of Destiny,” which are the first two books in the eight-part Witcher series. It begins by telling us about Geralt, Yennefer, and Ciri’s origin stories before continuing their united adventures.

The game, on the other hand, takes place several years after the events depicted in the books. In that respect, Witcher 3 isn’t canon or based on any one Witcher novel, but instead builds on the novels’ established characters and themes to construct its own story. The Wild Hunt is the best illustration of this; in the books, it isn’t a big deal, but in Witcher 3, it’s crucial to the story.



In both The Witcher show (played by Henry Cavill) and Witcher 3, Geralt has a similar look. He has long, grey hair and a pale complexion, and he’s handsome and muscular (though Cavill is undoubtedly even more). Both have the wolf medallion on their chests.

The Witcher 3 Geralt is clearly older, as he is towards the end of his witching career, whereas Henry Cavill is only getting started. That also explains why Netflix’s Geralt doesn’t have the beard or scars that his videogame counterpart does. They do, however, appear to be very comparable on the whole.

Geralt wields two swords throughout the games. The steel one is for normal combat, while the silver one is for monsters. That hasn’t changed in the series, but you won’t see Geralt with two swords hooked to his back very often. Cavill’s Geralt, for the most part, only carries one sword at a time.

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Yennefer is Geralt’s main romantic interest in the books. She is a powerful, gorgeous witch with raven hair. In The Witcher TV series, she continues to play the same character.

However, in the game, Yennefer must compete with Triss for Geralt’s love in the Yennefer-Geralt-Triss love triangle. Another difference is that in the series, we discover about Yennefer’s past, whereas in Witcher 3, those elements are not actually covered. However, she has a comparable physical appearance and a fierce character in both the TV show and the game.



Triss Merigold, a sorceress, is a major character in both the show and Witcher 3. However, she had a romance with Geralt in the game and can be seen by his side throughout not only the third but also the prior two Witcher games, yet none of this is present in the Netflix series.

Aside from that, she has a radically different appearance: Triss is younger in the game and has red hair, but Triss is older and has brown hair on the TV show. Triss also appears to be a more responsible person in the show than someone looking for thrills and excitement.

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The Monsters

Witcher monsters

There are several differences throughout the world. While many of the same concepts (such as the terrifying Nilfgaardian Empire) are seen and heard in both, the show’s world is more grounded in reality.

There are considerably fewer monsters, for example, whereas in Witcher 3, it seems like you can’t walk two steps without coming across some type of bizarre creature. In this way, the show is more of a portrayal of Medieval Europe than a fantasy setting.


The portrayal of the Nilfgaardian Empire is another major difference. Despite the fact that the series stays mainly true to the books, it portrays Nilfgaard as the bad guys, especially when compared to the game.

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The Witcher Vs. Witcher 3: Similar Rather than Different

Because they’re based on the same source material, Netflix’s The Witcher and Witcher 3 are more similar than being distinct. The key characters are the same, as is the dark, gritty Medieval world.

Having said that, there are enough differences to encourage someone who has just seen the show or played the game to branch out into the other. It will also be interesting to see how the plot develops in the second season, which is set to premiere in late 2021. Are you excited to watch? Enjoy the upcoming season of The Witcher on a phone or laptop and sell your old phones and other gadgets for the best price!


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