How Irresponsible Disposal Of Electronics Is Hurting Our Environment?

- Updated: 1st Mar 2024, 11:22 IST
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    The Menace Of Growing Electronic Waste!
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    • Current Recycling Status
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    What Can We Do About The E-Waste Problem?
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    Cashify’s Stance On Reducing E-Waste & Your Role!
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    Tips To Extend The Life Span Of Your Current Device!
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    Wrapping Up

Are you wondering how irresponsible disposal of electronics is hurting our environment? If not, it is high time that we need to do something about the e-waste crisis. Smartphones have become extremely important parts of our lives. They are now critically important in an increasingly interconnected world. We need our phones for just about everything, from socialising to working. However, while phones are important, they have also become frequently replaceable.

Most people prefer to replace their current mobile every twenty months or so when a newer model comes out. More than five billion people have smartphones across the world, and many of them stick to the annual or bi-annual upgrade cycle.

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The Menace Of Growing Electronic Waste!


Electronic waste is rapidly growing and causing the most problems in waste disposal across the world. It includes printers, computers, televisions, mobiles, etc. Most e-waste globally isn’t handled in an environmentally conscious way.

In 2024, the world will generate a staggering 53.6 million metric tons of e-waste, the equivalent of 13 Eiffel Towers. Amongst these, India is contributing to dumping 148 million smartphones alone annually, according to 2022 reports. .

A Toxic Cocktail:

Electronic devices are laced with a potent cocktail of toxic materials like lead, mercury, arsenic, and chromium. When dumped in landfills, these insidious chemicals slowly leach into the soil and groundwater, contaminating entire ecosystems. This is exactly how irresponsible disposal of electronics is hurting our environment. Plants absorb these toxins, ultimately finding their way into our food chain, putting human health at risk. Imagine biting into an apple laden with lead or sipping water laced with mercury – that’s the horrifying reality irresponsible e-waste disposal creates.

Current Recycling Status

Across the planet, only fifteen to twenty per cent of electronic waste goes through the recycling process, and recycling methods vary inconsistently between countries. The need for laws regulating e-waste has been long overdue. Fortunately, countries are now recognizing the urgency of the issue and implementing legislation, exemplified by India’s updated e-waste management rules in 2022. With over 1.6 billion new mobile phone models sold annually, finding a solution to this critical problem is imperative.

What Can We Do About The E-Waste Problem?

Now that we know how irresponsible disposal of electronics is hurting our environment, it is time to see what can be done from our end. Sometimes, people throw their used mobiles in the dustbin. These old devices then end up in landfills, which later decay and start toxifying the soil and, hence, by extension, the environment. Annually, this results in a monetary loss of approximately fifty-five billion dollars, as responsibly disposing of the phones could have otherwise allowed the extraction of precious metals.

how irresponsible disposal of electronics is hurting our environment

Opting for a mobile repair over replacement can extend the life of our smartphones. Also, having the sensibility to choose sustainable and ethically sourced electronics, like to buy refurbished mobile phone instead of a new one, is a crucial first step. By having an approach that things can be fixed and refurbished devices are as good as new ones, we can make a positive impact in reducing e-waste.

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Cashify’s Stance On Reducing E-Waste & Your Role!

You can sell old phones on Cashify if you are worried about responsible handling.

Refurbishing and Reselling:

Cashify breathes new life into used electronics by refurbishing them to meet stringent quality standards. These refurbished devices are then resold at affordable prices, extending their lifespan and diverting them from landfills. They also come with plenty of benefits like quality checks, warranty, replacement services as well.

Responsible Recycling:

For devices beyond repair, Cashify partners with authorized e-waste recyclers who ensure safe and responsible dismantling and processing of materials. Plastic and precious metals are then collected and disposed of in a way that limits environmental pollution or sold to smelting operations.

Cashify’s responsible disposal of old devices enables the extraction of maximum value before discarding them in an ecologically sensible manner.

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Therefore, environmentally responsible citizens should actively pursue well-equipped recycling companies such as Cashify. These companies resell mobile phones after the refurbishment process, offering the device a second life. The goal of addressing this issue drove Cashify. Additionally, our doorstep pickup service ensures the easy and safe disposal of old devices.

Tips To Extend The Life Span Of Your Current Device!

smartphone care

As a customer who is conscious of the e-waste crisis, it becomes our duty not just to opt for sustainable products but also to use our devices to the best of their capabilities. Smartphones that are coming into the market these days offer amazing functionalities, regular updates, and what not. By making sure that we are using our current devices as long as we can, we can actually make an impact.

We need to realise that we don’t have to change our smartphones just because there is a new model. Almost every company these days provides updates for at least three years. Some flagships even extend it to five to seven years like Samsung and Google.

So, it doesn’t make sense to get rid of your old devices for a newer model unless it’s a significant upgrade. By doing this, it will save you money and contribute to solving the e-waste crisis as well.

Wrapping Up

Now that we are aware of how irresponsible disposal of electronics is hurting our environment let’s make 2024 the year we break the cycle. Turn the tide on e-waste and ensure that our technological marvels leave a legacy of responsible innovation, not toxic devastation. Our planet and our future generations depend on it.

We would also like to encourage our readers to actively participate in activities that promote sustainability. Collective action can take us a long way in dealing with he e-waste crisis.

Do you think refurbished smartphones can have significant impact in reducing e-waste generation? Do share your thoughts in the comments!

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But even beyond these efforts, environmental groups like Greenpeace are urging electronics manufacturers to stop using hazardous materials altogether. This is definitely the way to go, as sustainability is critical to ensure we don’t harm our planet.

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You too can help protect the environment by recycling your old device with Cashify. Thank you for helping us preserve the environment!

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