Get Your Realme C35 Screen Fixed At The Lowest Price

- Updated: 10th May 2023, 11:27 IST
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    Method 1: Cashify Repair
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    Method 2: Realme service centre

Despite its low price tag, the Realme C35 packs impressive specifications in a small package. So if you’re still using the smartphone released in 2012, you’re in luck. But if the screen is broken, here is the solution. A smartphone with a cracked screen looks terrible and affects the device’s performance.

There are two ways to assist you in replacing your smartphone’s screen, so don’t worry.

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Method 1: Cashify Repair

Repairing your device on the go using Cashify’s mobile repair service may be the best option. This is an easy and dependable option for getting your smartphone fixed.

  1. Sign up for a Cashify account through the app or website. Then, please peek at our smartphone screen repair section and choose your brand.
  2. Pick Realme as your smartphone’s brand and model number here. Then, on the Realme C35 Repair Screen page, you may select the colour of your device.
  3. Afterwards, it’ll transport you to a new page where you can view the service rates for each component.
  4. The Realme C35 may be repaired at the lowest possible cost with Cashify. So for just Rs. 3,699, you may get your smartphone fixed.
  5. Aside from original parts, Cashify also provides a guarantee of product quality. Moreover, they give a six-month warranty on replacement parts since they use authentic ingredients.
  6. Cashify also offers a superior in-home repair service. In this scenario, a service representative will visit your home and fix your device while you’re there. It eliminates the need to travel out of your way to get your smartphone mended.

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Method 2: Realme service centre

  1. A trip to the Realme repair centre for a new device screen might be time-consuming. You’ll first need to locate a service centre and get your phone repaired. For the majority of the workforce, this may be a problem.
  2. As a result, Realme repair parts are more expensive than they would typically be. You may pay as much as Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,000 for a screen replacement on the Realme C35, for example.
  3. Furthermore, Realme does not provide a doorstep repair service for its smartphones. As a result, your gadget will need several days of downtime at the service centre before they can fix it.

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On the Cashify page, you can get more information about Realme C35 and others. It is such a place where you can get your smartphone repaired at an affordable price.


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