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- Updated: 9th Nov 2023, 02:47 IST
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    Free Music Downloading Websites
    • 1. Free Music Archive
    • 2. Uppbeat
    • 3. Bandcamp
    • 4. Jamendo Music
    • 5. SoundClick

Music is something that everyone enjoys. From adults to kids, the best way to wind down after a tiring day is to listen to your favourite tunes. For this exact purpose, there are a lot of options on the market, from Spotify to Apple Music. However, all of these come with subscriptions that lead to additional costs. The most important feature, which is the ability to download songs is often hidden behind a paywall. To tackle this, we will list out some ways to legally download your favourite songs. 

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Free Music Downloading Websites

As mentioned above, most popular music streaming sites require you to pay to avail complete benefits. However, there is a legal way to download songs free of cost, which is through the use of music download sites. Here are some of the best free sites to download music. 

1. Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive free music download sites

The first option from our list is Free Music Archive. The name itself is quite self-explanatory. This first option is unique in a way that it allows you to search for music that is just via instruments, namely without words. It can also help you search by license and let you find specific parts of a song. 

There is also an all-time chart that allows the user to find the top-grossing songs. One can also search for the songs that were in demand in the current week, or even the month. You can also download international songs, so you are not restricted to just Bollywood music. Jazz, Pop and other genres are also present.

If you are a creator, one thing that will likely be of appeal is that Free Music Archive lets you find the songs by category, such as tracks for commercial purposes, or for songs that are meant to be remixed. For creators, this is a boon and saves time. The option to shuffle artists also lets you find new music.

2. Uppbeat

Uppbeat free music download sites

The next option on our list is Uppbeat. This website is one of the most useful yet popular sites for downloading free music. The platform lets you find sounds that are perfect for specific use cases, with playlists tailor-made for creators or just listeners. 

You do not need to worry about paying, at least in the short run. Additionally, you do not have to deal with the hassle of copyright, since there are specific copyright-free songs. Plus, you get Uppbeat Credit, which, if you add to your videos, even allows for monetisation. This is a big plus point for a creator.

Overall, the site is great for your needs and, with 10 downloads being free, you can easily make do with the platform in the short run. In case you do enjoy Uppbeat, the Premium version of the service can be availed for a mere sum of $7 (Rs. 600) per month but the free tier still offers a lot.

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3. Bandcamp


Next up is an option that has been around for a while. Bandcamp, which has been on the market since 2008 is a great option for creators. The platform allows artists to sell their music on the site and, with various formats like MP3, FLAC and AIFF files being supported, it is a great option for creators.

For free downloads, all you need to do is search via the tags option and add keywords like download, Free Download etc. For users using the app, you can do the same by tinkering with the settings choosing the custom genre option and adding Free Downloads there. Usually, you can buy the song for a sum of $0, so it is free, but a price is set by artists, which is optional in nature.

4. Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music

Jamendo Music is also a good option for free music downloads. The platform allows users to download songs for free by making use of the CC or Creative Commons licensing feature, wherein the creators or artists themselves provide free music to be downloaded. 

By searching for the latest songs, using the latest filter, you can discover up-and-coming creators as well as new music. There are also specific radios on the site, which play songs randomly. If you take a fancy to one particular song, you can download it too. A mobile app is also present, with users also given the option to listen to preset playlists.

5. SoundClick


The final option on our list is SoundClick. It is one of the most complete sites to download free music, directly from artists. It works in a similar fashion to the other options, with artists giving permission to download and listen to songs free of charge. 

One can browse the site and search the charts and various genres on offer until one finds something of their liking. Custom radios are also available, with forums offering greater insight into new artists or songs. You can download songs for free, but there is the issue of lack of demarcation. The site has both paid and free music on offer. This causes confusion, as it mixes up the free audio tracks and the paid ones. A price filter is available, and the pricing is quite cheap.

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