FIFA 23 has brought forth the World Cup Mode, which offers Ultimate Team players plenty of rewards. With the FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps, or Tokens, players will be able to exchange a set number of tokens for certain rewards. This is an excellent way to get certain players into your team. You can also…2022-11-17 14:09:21FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps Rewards: Make The Most Of Your Swaps!

FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps Rewards: Make The Most Of Your Swaps!

Updated: 17th Nov 2022, 14:09 IST
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    Patrick Vieira + Packs
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    84+ x 20 (3 Packs) – 20 Tokens
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    World Cup Icon Player Pick
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    World Cup Stars
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    World Cup Hero Player Pick
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    Summing up

FIFA 23 has brought forth the World Cup Mode, which offers Ultimate Team players plenty of rewards. With the FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps, or Tokens, players will be able to exchange a set number of tokens for certain rewards. This is an excellent way to get certain players into your team. You can also exchange the rewards for a healthy amount of fodder for future Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Considering the number of rewards up for grabs, we thought it would be a good idea to provide you with the best options for these Tokens. After all, not all rewards are the same. Depending on which rewards you have taken, the returns on them can vary.

Thankfully, EA has ensured that players won’t have to wait for a long time to get these rewards. Earlier, players had to wait until the end of the event to redeem their Tokens for rewards. This time, however, EA has provided the rewards at the beginning. All that’s left to do for players is to acquire the Tokens by completing Objectives or certain SBCs and use them to gain rewards. So, without further ado, let’s check out the best rewards you can acquire from the FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps!

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Patrick Vieira + Packs

With the World Cup promo, EA has introduced a new set of Icons into the game. For the uninitiated, Icons are player items of legendary players. These cards are often the best in their respective position and can be quite overpowered in certain phases of the game. Since there are 50 World Cup Swaps up for grabs, you can grab Patrick Vieira’s World Cup Icon card for 40 Tokens. The World Cup Icon card doesn’t have the same rating as that of the Prime Icon card.

However, the card’s rating is higher than the Mid Icon card. So, at this stage of the game, the card will be one of the best in its position. Moreover, Patrick Vieira’s player items tend to be some of the best cards in the entirety of the game. Thanks to the new AcceleRATE system, Patrick Vieira should be excellent in FIFA 23, thanks to the Lengthy meta system.

If you’ve managed to gather all 50 World Cup Swaps, you can also acquire a pack for 10 Tokens. The 84+ x 20 Pack will provide 20 players rated 84 or higher. This is a great choice, as you will get a decent amount of fodder and a chance to pack some of the game’s best cards. These packs will also have the latest World Cup Hero and Path to Glory players. Overall, you’re getting an excellent deal for the full 50 Tokens.

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84+ x 20 (3 Packs) – 20 Tokens

Although you’ll be able to acquire a better player with a higher number of Tokens, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of these massive packs. For just 20 Tokens, you’ll be able to acquire 60 player items rated 84 or higher. In the game, the value of these cards may vary, but you’re likely to score anywhere between 120,000 coins to 1 million coins or more worth of players. Of course, the players you pack will depend on your pack luck or the probability of getting a decent player out of the packs. Even in bleaker scenarios, you’ll be able to pack enough player items to ensure that your club is stacked with fodder. This will help you complete some exceptional Player SBCs or pack SBCs.

Furthermore, the chances of you packing some of the best cards in the game, such as Vinicius Junior’s Path to Glory card, will be much higher. You might even pack the likes of World Cup Hero Diego Forlan or a Path to Glory Griezmann item. So, the possibilities are endless, and there are no losing situations in this scenario. If you can’t grind the entire 50 Tokens, ensure that you acquire at least 20 Tokens and go for this reward!

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World Cup Icon Player Pick

World Cup Icon Player Pick

The World Cup Icon Player Pick will require 35 Tokens to unlock. In this reward, the players can test their luck and choose one of three possible World Cup Icons. While the World Cup Icons may not be the best Icon versions in the game, they still sit comfortably in the elite tier of cards available in FIFA 23. Some of these cards, such as the possible 96-rated Pele or 995-rated Zinedine Zidane, can be endgame cards. So, if you’re willing to grind for 35 Swap Tokens and test your luck on a single player, the World Cup Icon is where you should spend the FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps. However, you must bear in mind that not all of these cards are worth the grind. If you’re choosing this reward with your Swaps, you’ll have to be prepared for a possibly disappointing pick.

Nonetheless, if you get a card worthy of the grind, you’ll be able to use them until the late phases of FIFA 23. Additionally, if you’ve worked for all 50 Swaps, you can use the remaining 15 Swaps for fodder or other player picks in the Path to Glory promo.

World Cup Stars

World Cup Stars

The next entry on our list of the best FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps Rewards is for the various World Cup Stars that have been added to the game. EA has the items for multiple players, such as Fabinho (Brazil, Liverpool), Eden Hazard (Belgium, Real Madrid), and Mason Mount (England, Chelsea). Some excellent World Cup Stars are available in the game, ranging from requiring two Tokens to 15 Tokens. For this reward, however, we recommend you have at least 30 to 35 Swaps in your club. This way, you’ll be able to acquire at least two to three decent World Cup Stars for your team. It goes without saying that Eden Hazard and Fabinho should be the first picks that you go for. If you prefer the likes of Kingsley Coman (France, Bayern Munich), you could get the player item as well.

Choose your World Cup Stars wisely, as they must work in complete chemistry with your team. There are some decent defender options too, with Nathan Ake (Netherlands, Manchester City) and Andreas Christensen (Denmark, FC Barcelona).

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World Cup Hero Player Pick

World Cup Hero Player Pick fifa 23 world cup swaps rewards

Finally, for our final entry of the best FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps Rewards, we have the World Cup Hero Player Pick. The FUT Hero player items in the game are already overpowered, with the likes of Yaya Toure and Said Al Owairan in the mix. However, with World Cup Hero player items, their stats are heavily boosted. Additionally, the cards look exceptionally cool thanks to EA’s tie-up with Marvel for the beautiful dynamic images. You’ll also be at an advantage here, as FUT Hero player cards are better for the overall chemistry of your team. In fact, we’d prefer them over Icon Picks for better chemistry. While these cards may not be as overpowered as some of the best Icon Player Picks, their combination of decent stats and better chemistry seems like a better option.

To acquire the World Cup Hero Player Pick, you’ll need 25 Swaps. We believe the cards on offer here are superb, and this is a bargain for the possible player picks you’ll receive. You’re guaranteed at least one good card in the picks, considering that you’ll be provided with four options. Moreover, if you’ve got more Tokens left, you could also go for the fodder packs!

Summing up

EA has provided a great amount of content to the World Cup Promo in FIFA 23. Players are spoilt for choice, from the new Swaps system to the various Promo player items available in-game. Due to this, choosing the right rewards for your Ultimate Team can be slightly tricky. This is why we’ve compiled this list of the best FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps rewards. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of what’s required for your team and what will work best for the number of Swaps you’ll gather. If you think any other Swaps rewards are worth the effort, let us know in the comments below!

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Highlights of the Story

  • FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps Rewards are available for players to take in-game.
  • These rewards range from Icon player picks to massive amounts of packs.
  • We’ve chosen our top rewards with the 50 available Swaps!

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