Explained: What is Dark Web And How to Access It?

- Updated: 13th Jan 2023, 21:39 IST
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    A brief history
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    Is the dark web illegal?
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    How to access the dark web safely?
    • 1. Connect to a reliable and secure VPN.
    • 2. Download and install Tor Browser
    • 3. Tor Browser allows you to access the darknet.
    • 4. Maintain your anonymity.
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    Keep yourself safe on the dark web!

Do you know what the dark web is? Well, the word “dark web” has a sinister ring to it, and for a good reason. The dark web is a section of the internet containing hidden websites that are not accessible through standard web browsers. So instead, you’ll have to rely on browsers and search engines to find these sites.

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding this part of the internet as well. These sites use encryption software to keep visitors and proprietors anonymous. It’s why there’s so much criminal behaviour on the dark web. Everything from illegal drug and gun sales to illicit pornography and social security details is present on the dark web.

However, you should be aware that there are valid reasons to access this obscure internet section.

This guide will tell you about the dark web and how to access it. However, be cautious: the black web can be deadly. If you want to investigate it for criminal actions, you could be prosecuted and sentenced to prison. In addition, scammers and cybercriminals may target you based on where you go and what you download, and they may try to infect your devices with malware or steal your personal information.

A brief history

The dark web dates back to 1969 when the Advanced Research Projects Agency created a communication network that will gradually become the internet we know today.

The launch of the Tor web browser’s alpha version in 2002 marked a watershed moment for the dark web. This browser, often known as The Onion Router, is a free and open-source program that allows users to browse the internet anonymously. The Tor Browser, which is now widely used to browse the hidden web, was first developed in 2008.

Another significant event occurred in 2009 when the Bitcoin software was publicly available. Bitcoin is necessary for the dark web since it allows users to make anonymous purchases. This is helpful for anyone looking to purchase something illegal.

The Silk Road online marketplace first appeared on the dark web in 2011. The creator employed a combination of the internet, Tor browser, and bitcoin to allow individuals to buy narcotics and other illegal items anonymously.

Silk Road was finally shut down by law enforcement. On the dark web, though, other online marketplaces have sprung up to take its place. Sites like AlphaBay, Dream Market, Hansa, and Wall Street Market fall within this category. These dark web markets have been shut down or removed, but new ones appear regularly.

Is the dark web illegal?

We don’t want to give you the notion that everything on the dark web is unlawful or evil. The Tor network began as an anonymous communication route, and it continues to serve a useful purpose in assisting people in communicating in hostile contexts to free expression. For example, many individuals use it in countries where eavesdropping is expected or access to the internet is illegal.

The dark web has a lot to offer if you want to learn everything there is to know about data privacy or cryptocurrency. For example, there are many private and encrypted email providers available and instructions for setting up an anonymous operating system and advanced privacy recommendations.

For some organizations, there is also a lot of practical benefits. Law enforcement agencies keep an ear to the ground for stolen data from recent cyber breaches that could lead to the perpetrators on the dark web. Many mainstream news agencies keep an eye on whistleblower websites for breaking stories.

How to access the dark web safely?

Now, as we know, what is the dark web. Next comes the ways to access it safely. The Tor network is the safest way to access the dark web. Connect to a VPN first, then use Tor in a Tor-over-VPN setup for extra security. Many internet service providers (ISPs) and governments may be wary of Tor users, so utilizing a VPN to disguise your online activities and prevent anyone from knowing you’re using Tor is a good idea.

1. Connect to a reliable and secure VPN.

With a reliable VPN like Avast SecureLine VPN, you can hide your IP address and encrypt your internet connection. A VPN and Tor are not the same, even if they both provide encryption. Your ISP and others will be unaware that you are downloading and using Tor Browser if you use a VPN.

2. Download and install Tor Browser

Tor Browser is a free browser that sends all of your data across the Tor network, which is encrypted. Since unlicensed third-party downloads may come packed with malware, download Tor Browser from the official Tor Project website.

3. Tor Browser allows you to access the darknet.

Tor Browser gives you access to the dark web’s.onion domains. Because the dark web is primarily uncontrolled, you should never access one without verifying its legitimacy.

4. Maintain your anonymity.

Although the dark web isn’t always dangerous, numerous scams are present there. Use encrypted and anonymous email addresses for conversing or making purchases on the dark web, and pay with an anonymous cryptocurrency wallet.

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Keep yourself safe on the dark web!

It is quite easy to gain access to the dark web, but it is also very easy to fall into problems as a result of it. As a result, it’s critical always to consider your online security and privacy. To encrypt and anonymize all of your internet activity, we strongly advise you to use a VPN.

Additionally, check your antivirus software is updated and working on your device. It will be more difficult to intercept your data, track your internet activities, or infect your computer in this manner.

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