Apple introduced a back tap gesture in iOS 14 that may be used to open any app. With the first developer version of Android 11, Google worked on similar functionality and added new functionalities with the second developer preview. However, the tech giant chose to remove it in subsequent beta releases, but that didn’t stop a developer from adapting the feature to operate with the majority of Android phones. Quinny899, an XDA Forums Recognized Developer, has developed ‘Tap, Tap,’ a new open-source app.

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Tap, Tap App

The new app, called Tap, Tap, adds double back tap gestures to any Android Nougat or later device with an ARMv8 processor. The app relies on accelerometer and gyroscope sensors to function, thus no additional specific sensors are required. It’s worth noting that in order to use the app, you’ll need to grant Accessibility Service permissions after installation.

Google used the same machine learning code and TensorFlow models in Android 11 DP builds for this app. You can select any of the three smartphone models – Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 4, and Pixel 4 XL – and use the one that best suits your device. This would be useful because the Tap, Tap app currently does not allow you to modify the sensitivity. In a future release, the developer may include sensitivity adjustments.

Tap, Tap, app

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There are four options in Tap, Tap when you install and open it: Gesture, Actions, Gates, and Feedback. You can define the activities that will execute when you double-tap in Actions. These include options like opening an Assistant, the camera, or an app.

The Tap, Tap app may also be used to open the notification window or quick settings, as well as simulate Home/Back/Recents button actions and lock the device. In the near future, the developer intends to integrate Tasker.

You can choose when the feature should not work thanks to the Gates section.

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