Cashify Exchange Fiesta: Grab Massive Discounts On Latest iPhones

- Updated: 23rd Feb 2023, 13:52 IST

Are you looking for better deals and discounts on iPhones? It might be better to buy an Apple iPhone now if you’ve kept the one on your wishlist for longer. The steal deal is here! The Cashify Exchange Fiesta campaign is currently live. You will receive incredible savings on more recent iPhones at this event. How? All you have to do is trade in your old phones.

In addition, the Cashify Exchange Fiesta will last till February 19, 2023. So you have ample time to think about & plan before purchasing a new iPhone during this event. Your old iPhone, or even your old Android smartphone, will sell for the most money. You’ll then be able to get the newer model. So here is everything you need to know without further ado.

Cashify Exchange Fiesta: Great deal for you

Cashify X Apple Exchange Offer

Cashify Exchange Fiesta is an excellent way to upgrade your iPhone or any other smartphone while still getting the most use out of your old one. Also, the table below has mentioned the min. and max. resale value plus the exchange bonus that you’ll receive for your old phone.

Min. Resale Value of Old Phone (in Rupees) Max. Resale Value of Old Phone (in Rupees)Exchange Bonus (in Rupees)
15,000Anything over 15,000 8,000

Customers can exchange their old iPhones or android phones for the new Apple iPhone of their choice with this offer and save up to Rs. 17,000 on the latest iPhones. Via Cashify, users can be sure to get the most money for their old iPhones and the most outstanding deal on the new iPhone of their choice. The procedure is simple to follow. 

  • You can exchange any old smartphone 
  • Next, get an exchange bonus of up to Rs.8,000
  • Also, an instant discount worth Rs.5,000 is available to the customers.
  • Additionally, the HDFC bank Cashback worth Rs.4,000 is offered.

Furthermore, customers may obtain the most money for their old iPhones while still acquiring the new iPhones of their choice, thanks to the quick and simple process. This offer lets customers take advantage of the best value for their old phones and the best deals on the new iPhones of their choice.

Here, we’ve also explained how these offers can reduce the actual price of the phone with the help of one example.

DeviceResale valueExchange BonusIn-store discountCashback on HDFC credit cardActual priceEffective price
Apple iPhone 14Rs.15000Rs.8000Rs.5000Rs.4000Rs.79900Rs.47,900

Cashify Exchange Fiesta: How to get the best deal?

Cashify and participating stores will offer iPhone exchanges for users who wish to upgrade to the latest iPhone model. To avail of the latest offer, users can visit Cashify, select their current iPhone model variant, and enter the details of the phone to get an estimated exchange value. Once the user has accepted the offer, they can locate the nearby store. And afterwards, the iPhone’s exchange value will be transferred to the user’s bank account. 

The user can then use the amount to purchase the latest iPhone model at the participating stores. The Cashify Exchange Fiesta is a convenient and hassle-free way to upgrade to the latest iPhone model. It ensures users get a fair price for their old iPhone by transferring the exchange value directly to their bank account. 

Final thoughts:

Cashify Exchange Fiesta is a superb way to maximise savings. The convenience of exchanging the device for a new one is a wonderful opportunity for users, and the offers are straightforward and quick to utilise. This campaign not only gives customers the best price for their old Apple iPhones but also enables Apple to stay up with the rapidly evolving technology market. 

Wish to receive the best resale value on your old mobile phones? Then Sell Old Mobile Phone Online via Cashify to get the best exchange offer. You can also choose to Recycle Old Mobile Phone Online and do your bit to save the environment from e-waste.


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Highlights of the Story

  • The Cashify Exchange Fiesta is live now and runs till February 19, 2023.
  • Moreover, the deals are accessible at participating stores, where you may sell your old iPhone or Android device for the best price.
  • Additional bank offers are also available, which will further reduce the cost of iPhones.