Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Tips & Tricks To Get More Kills

- Updated: 18th Apr 2024, 04:29 IST
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    Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay!
    • 1. Don’t Forget to Use the Mini-Map
    • 2. Master Your Loots!
    • 3. Play the Team Game, It’s Key!
    • 4. Make Smarter Decisions, Don’t Get Caught Up
    • 5. Don’t Be a Miser!

Are you into mobile gaming? Are you looking to play Call of Duty Warzone Mobile and take your gaming experience to the next level? Then this article is the one for you. Keep reading to find out the best Call of Duty Warzone Mobile tips and tricks you should know to master CoD Warzone Mobile and be the best out there.

What is Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is one of the most popular first-person games for shooting game enthusiasts. The game has recently been launched, with it taking inspiration from the original version of Call of Duty’s Warzone series of games, both of which have been commercially successful.

The game comes with two gaming modes, namely Resurgence and Battle Royale. The former has a player limit cap of 48, with the latter allowing for 120 gamers in a single lobby. The modes come with multiple types of lobby settings.

Players must collect weapons and supplies from others and be the last one standing to win. You can also have a revival, after being eliminated through the Gulag. This is a region where you are sent if you are dead, you can come back by defeating another player who has been eliminated, however, this is limited to just the Battle Royale mode. 

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Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Tips & Tricks To Improve Your Gameplay!

1. Don’t Forget to Use the Mini-Map

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Tips

Most gamers skip the finer details, but that’s where they mess up. Certain features like the mini-map are included for a reason. The mini-map in Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is one of the underrated features. You need to set up your mini-map to the extent that it is a tool that helps make a difference and lets you survive till the very end.

You might think there’s not much to do with a tiny map, but that’s where you are wrong. The first bit of change you need to make is to change the shape of the map. By shifting it to a square shape, you reduce the amount of data cut off by the previously circular shape. 

This is quite useful because, say an enemy is being spotted and detected via the red dot, the change in shape from circle to square can be the difference between you being eliminated and making it to the end.

2. Master Your Loots!

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Tips

You need to be quick and precise if you want to last till the end. This applies to all aspects of gameplay, even when it comes to taking loot, a key aspect of the gameplay in Warzone Mobile. You can’t risk getting shot and killed during a loot just because you were lethargic in getting the equipment. 

You can make changes to your Interact and Reload behaviour, something that can go a long way toward making sure your gameplay is comfortable and tuned to your preference. Tap to Interact might be easy for some, but then again, it can vary from person to person. 

All this might seem like gibberish to some, but being able to save time by easily interacting and grabbing items can be the difference between winning and losing. The time you save during loot can be used to seek shelter and eliminate your opponents. 

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3. Play the Team Game, It’s Key!

There seems to be a trend amongst gamers in general, which is to play the solo game. Whilst that might seem appealing, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. Yes, by sticking by your code and staying away from others, you can reduce mistakes and the chances of being eliminated due to your teammate’s actions, but it’s not the best thing to do here. 

Whether you’re with your friends or with a group of random individuals, make sure to stick with them, from the beginning to the end. Try to map out how you want to play, mark out a specific spot where you wish to land, or follow someone else who does. Sticking together reduces the chances of cross-elimination and losing teammates. You can also keep track of your team-mates through the map, to ensure that even if you’re away, you’re not too far from where you need to be. 

4. Make Smarter Decisions, Don’t Get Caught Up

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile Gameplay

Have you ever been caught up in a particular battle, without noticing that something else is going on behind you? Be it the shrinking of a safe zone or that of other squads rolling up to snipe you, it’s easy to get carried away fighting one individual or group. However, that is something you should try to avoid.

Don’t run away, we aren’t recommending that. Stand your ground and fight, but only as long as it doesn’t end up feeling tedious or ends up distracting you from what’s more important, surviving till the end. 

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5. Don’t Be a Miser!

Call Of Duty Warzone Mobile

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile lets you earn in-game currency, either by looting others or by completing specific missions. Regardless of how you get money, you need to remember you can’t make much use of your money by hoarding it. We aren’t telling you to spend constantly, but, you should also make sensible decisions.

We recommend buying tools and equipment like UAVs from the dedicated shops or, saving a bit of money in case you play with a squad a bit too prone to elimination, in which case, by paying in-game money, you can revive your fallen mate. Regardless, it’s best to save, but not to the extent that it doesn’t lead to gains in your gameplay.

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These were the top 5 Call of Duty Warzone Mobile tips and tricks to remember when playing the game. There’s a lot more to remember, like focusing on shooting and other intricacies, but this should suffice for most. For the best results of these tips, also ensure to watch some pro gameplay to see how they operate, try to analyse their gameplay and implement what you’ve learnt. Happy Gaming!

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