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- Updated: 12th Jul 2020, 20:01 IST

When brick and mortar classrooms shifted to online platforms, so many kids who didn’t have adequate means to go online started getting left behind. Welcome to life in the time of COVID-19. After the Indian government announced multiple consecutive lockdowns, education authorities decided to go on with classes but now, they would be held via the internet. Needless to say, this left many underprivileged children in the lurch as they or anyone in their families owned a smartphone or internet connection.

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This is when as an organization, we realized the potential lying in almost every drawer in every home that has a spare smartphone. We at Cashify joined hands with some NGOs to bring this potential to use. We introduced our Donate for Education campaign. Appealing people to donate their unused smartphones, we refurbished the devices we received and passed them on to the needy.

Our efforts, together with various non-government entities, are still going strong. Anyone with a smartphone they no longer use can join this cause. Simply by donating their smartphones to us, they can help a child get on with her education and enable her to attend classes regularly via these devices. You can read more about Donate for Education in this coverage by Business World Education.


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