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- Updated: 23rd Feb 2023, 15:52 IST

As our dependency on technology surges, new mobile phones are being manufactured, circulated and disposed of at sky-high rates. This makes mobile phone manufacturers dig up the earth more and more in search of natural resources. It also poses numerous other threats to the environment. The old phones that are no longer used are mostly dumped in landfills where they start emitting hazardous gases, contaminate the soil and cause serious damage to our planet. India being one of the top producers of e-waste, the risk is higher in our country and only continues to grow. However, we as individuals and organizations can do our bit to help.

Last year, we started our new initiative of mobile phone recycling as a means to tackle the e-waste issue. We collect old mobile phones from users’ doorstep, bring them to our recycle centre and disintegrate them in an organized manner. The usable materials found in these devices go for further production. This way, our landfills do not fill up toxic materials that can harm the planet. As a user, all one needs to do is just place an order and get their old phones collected. In return, we offer voucher rewards and plant a tree for each device we collect.

This has helped us carry forward our vision of making technology sustainable that doesn’t cause a dent in our environment. This World Environment Day, we offered more exclusive voucher rewards to our users for stepping up for this noble cause. Read more about it on Digital Terminal.


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