Cashify’s Donate For Education In The Hindu Business Line

- Updated: 23rd Feb 2023, 16:02 IST

The past few months have set a new normal on various fronts. Be it the workplace, education or people’s overall behaviour. What was once natural has stopped being so, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world with massive force. As a precautionary measure, governments across the world had to take drastic measures to tackle this disease. So much so that lockdown is now a household term one hears almost every day. With lockdowns, one after the other, new measures had to be taken in order to keep the world going. Education couldn’t stop, so classes moved to online portals. And an unprecedented consequence showed itself. For online classes, one needed the tools, a smartphone and a stable internet connection.

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With a demographic like that of India, it’s not very hard to grasp how difficult it must be for underprivileged school kids to keep up with their classes. These children come from families who do not have the means to provide them with the necessary gadgets for online classes. Cashify, with a few like-minded non-government organizations, stepped up to do the needful in this scenario. Our goal was simple, make smartphones available to as many kids as possible.

We came up with a portal through which people could donate smartphones that they were no longer using. These devices, once in our hands, were refurbished and then systematically distributed to the needy. We are still continuing our efforts and with more and more donors joining us, we are reaching more children every day. Here’s what The Hindu BusinessLine has to say about it.


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