Does BGMI Make Your Behaviour More Violent?

- Updated: 6th Jun 2023, 13:49 IST
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    Does BGMI Make Your Behaviour More Violent?
    • Is there a Good Side to Playing BGMI?

If you are a gaming enthusiast, you undoubtedly know about the popular game, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). It is an alternative to PUBG or Player Unkown’s BattleGround, which was banned in India by the government.

Recently, the game has been a part of the headlines once again, with the game’s publisher, Krafton working with the Indian government to relaunch the game in the country. However, to ensure that the game conforms to the rules set by the government, Krafton has seemingly agreed to make changes to the game. For example, the new variant has changed the colour of blood from red to green. This is being done considering that the government has mentioned that the title will be monitored for three months. During this period, if any discrepancy is found, the game could be banned again.

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How To Download BGMI in India

As of the time of writing this article, BGMI is available for Android users, but the game is yet to show up on Apple’s App Store. While you can technically sideload the game on Android, the servers of the game are unavailable. So you cannot enjoy the game just yet. If you wish to download the game, there are two ways you can do so.

The first method is to download the BGMI directly from Google’s Play Store. However, with all of the in-game content, the game will likely take up over 3GB of storage on your smartphone.

BGMI Gameplay

For those unaware, any instance of a game being banned has its reasons and, with the return of the game comes certain concerns. One of which is whether or not there is any behavioural impact of the popular title and, if it is a violence inducer or not.

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Does BGMI Make Your Behaviour More Violent?


The most common concern of every parent and individual in relation to a game is whether or not it will have a negative or adverse effect on children or the player. It is a similar case for BGMI in India. If you are a prospective player, worry not.

Studies have failed to show conclusively that video games impact users in a negative or detrimental manner. Previous reports have failed to provide consistent results. Some of them suggest that violent video games are promoting aggression among users.

Others have failed to draw any parallels between video games and increased aggression or violence. A notable report, published by the Nature Publishing Group states that their research has primarily focused on the short-term results of violence in gaming, but they were not conclusive enough.

Users did show increased hostility for a few hours after playing such titles, but they were essentially a part of what is known as priming. This refers to the easier availability of aggressive ideas and feelings in the mind of the player.

The report states that the people selected for the research played GTA V, and Sims 3. The subjects played for 2 months, with their behavioural patterns assessed after the period via multiple methods. And the conclusion drawn suggested that there were no significant differences in the subjects. With no sustained change in users who played both Sims 3, a relatively non-violent game and GTA V, a game that relies on violence or theft, as the name suggests.

Is there a Good Side to Playing BGMI?

BGMI To Make A Comeback In India Soon

In short, yes, but we will discuss that a bit later. First off, you do not need to worry about the ill effects of the game. This is because multiple studies have failed to showcase any long-term behavioural changes in players of violent games.

However, we do advise keeping a check on your screen time and limiting gameplay to a certain extent. This is because there are drawbacks like neck pain, fatigue, weakness and minute mood swings. 

You will be glad to read though, that there are good things in the game too. According to certain studies, games having multiple levels and ways of winning enables critical thinking to a certain extent. This also allows the player to utilise their mind into thinking of ways to become a winner. Additionally, it also improves coordination amongst players, which is a useful tool for you in real life. It makes the individual a better team player and increases productivity when you are part of a team.

PUBG India

Krafton has released a Beta version of the game for selected users. This BGMI Beta Tester Apk is offered to selected users. Those selected will be able to test out the game which is soon going to be available to users in India. Krafton also released a statement for the beta version as users have been curious. They are inquiring whether they can download the game since the download now option is available.

Krafton has clarified that BGMI is not available just yet as the servers are offline as of now. Only users who had opted for the public test will be able to download the game via an email link that will be sent to those selected for the beta test.

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